Review – The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner

Toners have fallen out of fashion in recent years – with many people thinking that they are merely there to remove the last dregs of your cleanser, and if you’ve cleansed properly then what’s the need?

There’s also the fear that a toner is just an alcohol based astringent, meant to ‘tighten pores’, but in most cases simply drying the skin out and making it feel uncomfortably taut.

Well, this is definitely not so of the new generation of toners that have arisen in the skincare world recently. I count a toner as an essential part of my routine – and this beauty from The Body Shop has become a firm favourite. In fact, I’m now on my third bottle (and a bottle lasts a while!), which for someone who likes to swap and change and try new products as much as I do is praise indeed! [Read more…]