Minerva Gold Collagen Drink: THE RESULTS!

It’s time for the results of my Minerva Gold Collagen drink 30 day trial results!

You can see all the details of this skin supplement drink in my previous post, but in short, after abandoning my skin care routine due to the ravages of allergic contact dermatitis I have been feeling that although I have seen massive improvement from a flare-up point of view, I am definitely seeing my skin condition suffer in terms of radiance, fine lines and pigmentation. The chance to try ‘skincare from the inside’ was pretty exciting, and so I’ve drunk one little bottle of Minerva Gold every day for 30 days.

Here’s my skin before…


And here it is after… [Read more…]

Minerva Gold Collagen : Skincare from the inside?


After my allergy diagnosis, I’ve had to really restrict my skin care routine. I’ve worked back up to a prescription cream cleanse, an acid exfoliant, a facial spray and a gentle moisturiser without setting my skin off, but they’re all pretty bland items. All the lovely facial oils and anti ageing skincare has been binned (in some cases literally, but mostly distributed to willing friends and family – after all, someone may as well benefit from my skin woes!)

And so, I’ve been in the strange situation where I’ve been seeing a massive improvement in my skin from a dermatitis point of view – minimal flare ups, being able to wear lipsticks without allergens a couple of times a week, but I’ve seen real deterioration in other areas. Fine lines are appearing around my eyes and on my forehead. Redness around my nose, and pigmentation around the cheek/eye area that are driving me potty. I feel like I’ve spent a fortune on looking after my skin for the last few years, and worry that it will all go to waste!

So, when I received an offer to trial the Minerva Gold Collagen supplement drink, I was very interested. The product – a drink without preservatives (hurrah to none of those benzoates that I’m allergic to!) or artificial sweeteners, packaged in a small glass bottle for those who are avoiding plastics – makes some hefty beauty claims. You simply drink one a day, and it promises to plump and hydrate skin from the inside out, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promote suppleness, and promote healthy looking hair and nails (another area that has been suffering for me with no luxurious hair treatments or hand creams!).  It does this by supplying a mix of collagen (the highest dose that the body is able to absorb in one day) hyaluronic acid (which used to be a key ingredient in some of my favourite skincare products!) along with vitamins and other skin-focussed supplements.

I’ll be trialling Gold Collagen for 30 days – this is apparently long enough to really start to feel and see a difference. Here’s my ‘before’ photo – probably not helped by being seriously jet lagged after getting back from Japan!


Check back in in a month, and see the results!

Bare – No Makeup, No Skincare, What’s Left?

bare emily jayne no makeup

Makeup has always been my weapon of choice – having a down day? I’d reach for the red lippy. Got a hot date? Smokey eyes it is.

It’s a way of expressing myself, of feeling groomed and ‘finished’ for professional purposes, of presenting my best possible face to the world. If I feel like I look good, my confidence is boosted and never mind the fact that it’s just fun to play with!

Skincare is my indulgence. A ritual at the end of the day, little pots and potions, delicious smells, relaxation, a ‘wake me up’ in the morning to feel fresh and clean.

As a stylist and blogger, both makeup and skincare have kind of become part of my identity.

So, you may understand that I’ve been slightly knocked for six by having both things pretty much taken away from me recently! [Read more…]

Discovery Experience at Clarins Skin Spa, Selfridges Birmingham

clarins skinspa nirmingham

Last week I was invited to a discovery event at Clarins Skin Spa in Selfridges Birmingham. It certainly was a discovery – for all the time I have spent in Selfridges Beauty Hall, I had no idea that there was a full on spa treatment suite lurking there! In fact, I merrily turned up to the Clarins counter, only to be lead over to the Skin Spa by the fabulous Manjit, who introduced me to Trudi, my therapist for the evening.

Trudi showed me around the Clarins Skin Spa, and it really is lovely, a complete quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of the Bullring. The suites have recently been refurbished, and so everything is gleaming bright and white. However, the pretty touches such as mirrored flower light features, and oodles of soft towels, stop it from feeling at all clinical.

I was lead to my treatment room, where a large heated spa bed awaited me. Trudi explained that I’d be having a mini 20 minute version of their Tri Active Facial, which would include a full cleanse, mask, and arm and hand massage whilst the treatment was taking effect. [Read more…]

Mini French Pharmacie Skincare Haul

A couple of weeks ago online beauty retailer Escentual had 1/3 off all French Pharmacie Skincare. I’d been wanting to give a couple of products a go forever, and needed a new moisturiser, so went on a mini spree. 2 of the products I loved, one I didn’t get on with quite as well! Check out what I thought in the video, and remember you can Subscribe to my YouTube channel to get lots more vlogs and videos (some of which I don’t share over here on the blog as they’re not Style or Beauty focused!)

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