Reader, I married him

I know, I know, ridiculously cheesy title, but when else am I going to get the chance to use it?

Want to see some wedding photos…?

The weather forecast had been terrible all week – and I tried not to be one of those brides who constantly checked the weather forecast. After all, we’d hired umbrellas, arranged an indoor ceremony and based all our decorations around this rather than gambling on an outdoor one. But nope, I must have been checking that Met Office app on the hour every hour from as soon as we got into the week before.

As we drove down to Cornwall the sea mist seemed to swoop around the car. I smiled at Dan through gritted teeth – both saying how dramatic and awesome the photos would be.

We checked into our lovely little B&B, opened a bottle of champagne and munched on some bread and cheese we’d picked up on the way. And promptly fell asleep. After all, this felt like the first night in at least 18 months that we hadn’t been wedding planning. Also, for the first time in quite a few months, the stress started to fade (and booooooy had there been a lot of stress!) and the excitement really started to come rolling back in.

The day before the wedding passed in a blur of moving boxes and picking things up, and finally a prosecco-and-bbq-foods-fuelled venue decorating session with our nearest and dearest – huge thanks to those who spent a merry couple of hours distributing glittery and rainbow painted jam jars around the fort and its outskirts.

Suddenly, it was time for my matron of honour and I to head back to my grandparents’ flat, where I’ve been staying since I was a baby, where Dan proposed, and to try and get a little sleep. (I think I got about 5 hours – not too bad!)

I needn’t have worried about the weather. Despite the forecast, I woke up to the sun rising in clear skies over the sea. (It was suuuuuper early – this is what happens when there are 7 women needing to get ready!). My mom and my hair and makeup lady arrived, followed by my bridesmaids.

And then this happened…

emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000001 [Read more…]

A whole lotta life stuff…

Dan & Em cake topper

thanks to our friend Chris for the awesome pic.

Oh hello there, remember me?

All been a bit quiet here recently, eh?

If you follow me on instagram (about the only form of social media I’ve managed to keep up with recently!) then you’ll probably have gathered that I’ve been a bit busy over the last few months.

In short, allllll the life stuff happened. Just since the last blog post we bought our FIRST HOME  (yay! still can’t quite believe it!) together (yes, after 2 years of looking, of course we managed to find somewhere and complete on it 3 months before our wedding!), I went through a WHOLE lot of tests for just over a couple of weeks at the hospital for my dermatitis issues that I’ve been blogging about for the last 2 years or so (again, 2 years build up, all comes to fruition 2 months before the wedding! But, I now have a diagnosis, which is excellent news!), I took on a LARGE new web content contract, and then, 4 weeks ago, after all the build up, WE GOT MARRIED! (Woohoo!) [Read more…]

National Wedding Show 2015, NEC Birmingham

Can you believe it, our wedding is now less than a year away! ARGH! Erm, I mean, Squeee!

Yup, back when we got engaged in August 2014, a 2 year engagement felt like the LONGEST time to plan a wedding (seriously, I was pretty keen to get married in 2015, but the venue we fell in love with had zero availability.) but all of a sudden it seems like time is ticking, and the to do list is growing! [Read more…]

I Love Scotch. Scotchy Scotch Scotch.

whisky birmingham 2015

Actually, in direct opposition to the Ron Burgundy quote this post takes its title from, it seems I’m not too keen on Scotch.

Last week was a good’un – I was predominantly working from home which allowed me to get lots done in preparation for a a few busy weeks coming up. I even treated to myself to a couple of loungewear-clad days (I really must dedicate a post to the excellence of Primark loungewear very soon!) and a quick mid week burger date at Five Guys with the fiance (he wanted me to take him shopping to buy some work clothes, and as ever I charged a fee for my personal shopping services. Although I’m afraid I don’t offer the option of paying in burgers to the general public, that’s a bonus that only comes with marrying me.) Spring is definitely in the air as far as the fashion world is concerned and the events / work are ramping up as March continues, which is rather fab. Hopefully I should have a couple to announce very soon! [Read more…]

Put Your PJs on and Boogie

New shoes, tiaras, gin & tonic cupcakes, amazing friends – what’s not to like about last week?

orla kiely clarks michael chapman

Ok, maybe the fact that it started out with me still being ill (you know when you do that thing where you feel a little bit better, decide that you’re entirely better, do far too much – including partially delirious phone conversations with clients that you then have to text apologies for, and accidentally buying 2 pairs of Orla Kiely shoes as a treat because you totally deserve it/are basically weak – and then backslide? Just me?) The fiance and I snuck out to a mid week gig whilst both feeling a bit dodge still as part of our mission to see live music every month in 2015. We sat supping tap water and lemonade (rock and roll) whilst watching the folk legend that is Michael Chapman at the Kitchen Garden in Kings Heath, not somewhere I’ve been to a gig before and to be honest I was wondering how it would work (for those who haven’t visited, it’s a lovely little garden centre come cafe) but it was actually a delightful little fairy-lit venue. The music was awesome, I always totally respect when just one person and a guitar can fill a venue. So we’re now 2 for 2 having seen First Aid Kit in January. We’ve got our April gig booked, now just need to sort out March. A couple of ideas but need to decide whether to go for band that we quite like near home, or band that we really like that will require an overnight stay.  [Read more…]