Laura Mercier Makeover by International Makeup Artist Chris Howells

laura mercier chris howells makeover 3

With Chris Howells, Laura Mercier International Make Up Artist

It all started when I received a message from Ting on Instagram – “Please say you’re free on Thursday!” At the time I was in the middle of something, so just replied with a hasty ‘yup’, trusting that Ting only arranges nice things.

Luckily, I was right – Laura Mercier International Makeup Artist Chris Howells was in town for a couple of short days, and Ting had booked us both in for a makeover. I was pretty darned excited for a couple of reasons – firstly, the ever gorgeous Laura from Luxx Mint had already sung Mark’s praises to me, and secondly, Laura Mercier is one of those brands I’ve been wanting to explore for ages, having only used their famous Foundation Primer previously. [Read more…]

Review – Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Make Up For Ever are one of those brands that I’ve always been intrigued by, especially their oh-so-hyped HD Foundation. So, when I heard that not only had they finally launched in the UK, but one of their 2 stores was in Birmingham, I hot-footed it over to their rather lovely concession in Debenhams in the Bullring to try out this supposed wonder product.

There were lots of lovely staff on hand, and I was quickly offered a colour match. A few shades of the product were striped over my jaw and cheek, the best one selected, I was given a little advice on how to use it, and off I went with my brand new foundation!

So, firstly, the hype.

HD Foundation is an oil-free medium-to-full coverage liquid foundation which covers skin imperfections, while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life…combines flawless coverage and an extremely natural finish…heightens the diffusion of light and intensifies the glow of the skin…smooth and elastic texture makes it easy to apply and a pleasure to wear.”

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Empties #2

Watch this video to find out all of the beauty and skincare products I’ve used up over the last couple of months (well, since the last empties video!!) Obviously all of them were good enough for me to empty, but which did I love, which were a bit meh, and which ones have I already replaced and have acheived must-have status? Find out below..!

Products in this video… [Read more…]

July Favourites

Ok, ok, I didn’t actually manage to post a June Favourites, but ooh, look! A shiny July Favourites video, before the actual end of July?! I’m chalking that up as a win!

Check out my beauty & fashion faves this month (along with a few other things that I’ve been listening to, watching & playing!)


In this video –  [Read more…]

Bare – No Makeup, No Skincare, What’s Left?

bare emily jayne no makeup

Makeup has always been my weapon of choice – having a down day? I’d reach for the red lippy. Got a hot date? Smokey eyes it is.

It’s a way of expressing myself, of feeling groomed and ‘finished’ for professional purposes, of presenting my best possible face to the world. If I feel like I look good, my confidence is boosted and never mind the fact that it’s just fun to play with!

Skincare is my indulgence. A ritual at the end of the day, little pots and potions, delicious smells, relaxation, a ‘wake me up’ in the morning to feel fresh and clean.

As a stylist and blogger, both makeup and skincare have kind of become part of my identity.

So, you may understand that I’ve been slightly knocked for six by having both things pretty much taken away from me recently! [Read more…]