July Favourites

Ok, ok, I didn’t actually manage to post a June Favourites, but ooh, look! A shiny July Favourites video, before the actual end of July?! I’m chalking that up as a win!

Check out my beauty & fashion faves this month (along with a few other things that I’ve been listening to, watching & playing!)


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How to Wear Summer Dresses in Winter

Image first appeared on Grand Central Birmingham blog

With my preference for lighter, brighter colours, shopping in winter can be a bit of a nightmare for me. It always seems strange to me that as the sun disappears and the days get depressingly shorter, all of the colour disappears from the shops and we are surrounded by black and grey. Bleurgh!

So, my solution? Well I buy far more in the Spring/Summer months when the colours are sunnier and more my style, and then take them through into Winter with me. [Read more…]