Goodbye Cheese, if Only for a Little While…

going dairy free for my skin


So this week started with me saying goodbye to an old friend for a little while – we’ve had some good times, there was that fondue in the Swiss mountain town, the ice creams by the sea side, custard slices with my Nan and sour-cream smothered burritos and cocktails with friends. Yup, I’ve gone dairy free in an attempt to get the craziness of my face under control. It’s probably too soon to tell whether it’s really helping, but I have my suspicions. By the end of the week the small patch of eczema / dermatitis under my eye was much much better, and although the patch under my mouth remained, my lips were in good enough condition on Sunday to wear lipstick for the first time since the beginning of ¬†February. I then thought I’d try a little stilton to see what happened, and my lips were definitely flaky and sore by the end of the day. However I’ve also been going down with a cold, so that could be more the reason. In any case I think the experiment is worth continuing – especially as my referral to a specialist isn’t until the end of June. I’m not sure that dairy is the actual cause (I’ve eaten it without any real problems most of my life after all) if it’s at least an irritant that I can avoid to get things under control a little then I’m willing to give it up for a bit. Even though most of my favourite foods include it. Ack. To cheer me up, Dan made the most immense vegan brownies at the weekend, with soy ice cream and I have to say I really couldn’t tell the difference, they were delicious. I think it’s my beloved cheese that will be my downfall! [Read more…]

‘Like a unicorn threw up on them’

Well hello there my  lovely colourful folk! The week flys by and it’s time for another catch up post on all the life stuff I’ve been up to. After a lovely quiet week, things got steadily busier again over the last few days! 
I had a couple of lovely days in my studio with some fab ladies in search of more a more colourful life – there really isn’t much I enjoy more than chatting colour, eating biscuits and sipping coffee. The best bit is when clients walk out with a massive smile on their face, clutching their palette of colours that makes them look and feel fab, and practically run out the door to the shops! One of the ladies was a gorgeous Soft, and was incredibly keen to add to her practically all navy wardrobe with soft shades of spruce green, orchid pink and periwinkle blue, whilst another 2 clients ended up swapping items from their makeup bags during the session, and left as new fans of primer and CC cream!
I had a few busy days of working from home, but did manage to pop out to the Custard Factory (always a pleasure, the place is practically buzzing with creative energy!) to get my nails done by my fave Nails By Rosie. I know that some women find nail& hair appointments a pain, but I relish the chance for a sit down and pamper (Rosie is also always great for a natter over a cuppa!). I fancied going for something a little more colourful and sparkly this time (last time I opted for grey with a minimal glitter detail as I was about to be a bridesmaid!) and pretty much gave her free reign – with one request, that we got to use the little gold unicorn charms that I’d spotted last time I was in the studio (which has now had a total makeover and boasts a feature wall that would make the Fresh Prince proud, and a palm tree lamp that I came close to stealing, such is its kitschy wonder). In the end Rosie did my nails ‘Like a Unicorn Threw Up On Them’ – pastel gel, holographic rainbow foil and gold charms a plenty. I LOVE THEM. Am already plotting next month’s nails!

I worked on Saturday, so it was a short weekend, but the boyf and I took some time out on Saturday night to go out to celebrate some good work news he had earlier in the week. We went to Fiesta del Asado – an Argentinian restaurant we’d seen on lots of ‘best in Brum’ lists and had been saving for a special occasion. We couldn’t fault the meal in any way – if you’re a fan of meat, you will love this place! The service was excellent, and the mixed grill we shared (accompanied by a zesty orange and fennel salad) was even better. Sunday we headed over to the boyf’s brother’s house for a family BBQ to celebrate his Dad’s birthday. Excellent food, lovely chat, and I managed to hold my baby nephew for a good 15 minutes before he realised that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing and proceeded to scream his head off. (He is obviously an intelligent kid. He was definitely better off in his other auntie’s infinitely more maternal hands!)