Giving Up Dairy for My Skin

Or, a facial dermatitis update.

Warning – this post will feature a picture of my lips looking fairly flakey, split and gross. I thought it was important to show a before and after so you can see the difference giving up dairy has made to me, but also wanted to warn those who don’t want to see it!

So, some time around Summer last year, I suddenly developed dermatitis around and on my lips – they were dry, sore, flakey and split, and I’ve been on a quest to sort it out ever since (honestly, I can’t really believe how long this has been going on.) You can read my original post here, but a summary of what had happened up to that point was that the doctor seemed pretty sure it was an infection, antibiotics had no effect, then my dental hygienist suggested dermatitis/eczema, stamped my feet a little to try steroid cream. [Read more…]