Bra Fitting at the New Bravissimo Birmingham


Last year, you may remember, I had my first bra fitting in waaaaaay too long at Bravissimo Solihull. It was a brilliant experience, relieving the actual, physical pain that I was experiencing from wearing the wrong size bra. My only feedback was that I wished that there was a store in Birmingham, and that there were more high waisted knickers on offer. Well, guys, good news – Bravissimo have opened a fabulous new store in Birmingham City Centre, and they invited me along to take a look around, and get another fitting. Double good news – when I arrived at the stylish new store front on Cannon Street, I was greeted by these high waisted beauties in the window… [Read more…]

Review – Bra Fitting at Bravissimo

Bravissimo fitting 4

For curvy girls like me, a good bra is your best friend. It supports you through good (outfits) and bad, but a bad bra can be your worst enemy. From back pain, to lumpy and bumpy outlines in clothes, the dreaded ‘quadruple boob’, I even once spoke to someone who was convinced they needed a boob job until the cosmetic surgeon explained she was just wearing the wrong size bra at her consultation!

Lately, my bras have been veering towards ‘enemy’ territory. I’ve put on some weight since I was last fitted a couple of years ago and the band of my bra was beginning to feel decidedly uncomfortable – I’d sized my band up to a 36 from a 34, but was still getting a lot of digging in, and by the end of the day it would often feel like my bra was trying to cut me in half (especially if it was strapless!) So, when I was invited along to Bravissimo for a fitting as part of their #AmazingYou campaign, I replied with a ‘yes’ very quickly! [Read more…]

Sportswear Style

All eyes are on the Olympics and Paralympics this summer and we might even be inspired and discover some new sporting activities ourselves.

It may sound a little shallow, but for me it is incredibly important to feel good about what I’m wearing when I exercise – I’m by no means an athlete, so I feel like if I’m going to look like a sweaty mess, I may as well do it in a good outfit!

Here are some my top tips for looking good, and therefore feeling good when you exercise!


Lets start on the most important thing first – good foundations! Before even thinking about the colour or style of our sportswear we must think first and foremost to the comfort and support we need to practice our sport(s) of choice. The fact is that an ordinary bra just won’t give you the type of support needed for exercise, even if you are small busted. (I read some stats recently on just how much your boobs bounce / move when you jog, and it was scary!)

 Whether you practice a high impact sport (running, tennis, basket ball, dance) or a more sedate one (yoga, cycling) you need to be well supported in the bust area. You need to ensure you have a good back support (a cross design is best) as it will offer maximum support. The straps should be wide and cushioned.

Make sure you are fitted properly by a bra specialist who is able to advise you on the best for you and your chosen type of exercise. Getting the right bra is as important as getting the right pair of running shoes. 

I think that a lot of people are put off by the thought of sports bras being unfeminine and ugly. Maybe then, but not now – there has been a lot of innovation in the sports bra industry and gone are the days of the mono-boob or flat chest. Sports bras now come fully equipped with padding and support to make you feel supported but feminine at the same time whilst new colours and styles are being introduced all the time.

What to wear

Back in September 2011 when the Paris, London, Milan catwalks were full of Spring 2012 trends we could see the influence that the impending Olympics had on fashion. The Mark Jacobs of this world showed zipped-up tracked suits, and even Jimmy Choo were showing some Sport Deluxe platform lace-up and wedges all-in-one shoes!
However, this kind of gear isn’t exactly practical for every day exercise!

So you’ll want to wear the right gear of course, and this will depend on the sport/exercise you do, but it is most likely to be in an absorbent fabric which will stretch when it needs to stretch both for movement and general comfort. You may choose to layer your garments and shed these as you warm up and get into your routine.

You will be at your most vulnerable – look-wise – when you get finished with your sport or exercise regime. Your hair may stick to your head, your eye make-up (if you wore any) may be running, you’ll be flushed, hot and sticky. So here’s what I suggest you do to start with: WEAR YOUR RIGHT COLOURS ! Wearing your right colours will give you the confidence that you look as best as you can given the circumstances ! Red is always an energising colour. If orange is in your palette, go for it too. Pink, will give you a sense of girliness and romanticism. Teals and aquas are great too and may also remind you of holidaying by the seaside and running on the beach.  

You can wear your neutral colours. Get out of black, and think navies, browns, dark greens and purples – far more exciting!.

Neckline rules are the same as per usual: if you have a short neck/heavier bust, you are best to wear a top with a V-neck; If you have a long neck and/or small bust, feel free to wear a higher round-neck T-shirt.

The sleeve rule is to be aware of where the sleeve stops: avoid the widest part of the upper arm.

If you are short-waisted: don’t tuck in; if you are long-waisted: do tuck in!
So what about you? Do you think it’s important to feel good about your outfit when you exercise?