Style Yourself Happy

In this 2 hour consultation you’ll discover your style personality – perhaps best described as that ‘little voice’ inside you that makes you love some things, hate others, and pretty much governs all of your shopping choices. Once you know your style personality (and each one has it’s own advantages and pitfalls!) then it becomes so much easier to develop your own sense of style.

We’ll also look at your body shape and proportions – the clothing lines, fabrics and shapes that suit you best and how to ensure the best fit no matter your shape or size. Sometimes that never ending hunt for ‘the perfect pair of jeans’ or the dress that fits ‘just so’ can be caused just by not knowing enough about your own body! Learn how to rock those curves, skim that athletic figure, or make your legs look like they go on for days!

You’ll also get to bring in a selection of clothes and accessories from your wardrobe to go through – finally find out why you just can’t bear to cut the labels of some of those things!

Includes a personalised style workbook with all of the info that you’ll use during the day.


All consultations take place in my studio in Bromsgrove, but if you prefer me to come to you, just ask!

call 07773 704974 or email to book