Where Did You Get That Hat?


topshop navy fedora sprinkle of glitter playsuit

I have a very big head. No seriously. People laugh at me when I say it, but it makes buying hats a real issue! I love hats, and truly believe that accessories make or break an outfit. At this time of year a good hat can be the difference between feeling the chill or being sheltered from the drizzle. But, due to my aforementioned large-head-itis (it makes alice bands a right faff too, constantly snapping them in the middle as they stretch over my noggin!) you’ll generally see me in a stretchy knitted beret or beany, whilst I lust after all of the gorgeous 70s floppy brimmed numbers, cloches and fedoras.

I’ve been on the lookout for a navy, structured hat for a while. I had spotted this oversize fedora with gold band in Topshop, but didn’t really pay it too much attention as it was ‘one size’ – generally a no-go for me! But after many a navy hat disappointment, including an ASOS size ‘L’ that had to be returned after it was obviously not going to be jammed on my head, I thought I’d give this one a go whilst passing by Toppers in the Bullring on my way back from a meeting.

And guess what… it fits! [Read more…]

Golden Globes Red Carpet Roundup 2016

So, we’re kicking off 2016 on the blog with the first of our big red carpet events of the year, the Golden Globes. Honestly, I adore red carpet season so much, it’s always a pleasure to see the amazing colours and gowns worn by the talented women involved.

My list may look a little different to other ‘best dressed lists’, because of course I can’t help but concentrate on colour, and how good the gown looks on the woman wearing it. I can see the most spectacular gown, but if it doesn’t make the women wearing it look amazing (or simply overshadows her which is possibly the number one risk with red carpet fashion) then it just can’t go on my list.

So, what did I love at the Golden Globes 2016?

I loved the trend towards navy, sapphire and airforce blue as seen on Gina Rodriguez, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Julianne Moore, and Kate Winslet who looked particularly stunning in Ralph Lauren. Kate Winslet tends to choose black gowns which can overpower her soft colouring – don’t get me wrong, she always looks amazing, but the blue colour really makes her shine. Also, I just think that black is a bit of an easy option at these events, and it has to be a completely amazing black dress, on someone with the right deep colouring to really make an impact.

I also loved Saoirse Ronan and Lily James in etherial ivory, Amy Adams making the most of her warm colouring in sunset orange. A couple that found themselves on a few ‘worst’ lists this year make my faves – Cate Blanchette in pale pink, tasselled Givenchy, who personally I think has the dramatic, striking personality and style to pull off something so unusual, and the pastel colour is awesome with her light colouring. Secondly, Portia Doubleday in a silver, mirrored number from Naeem Khan, which has been compared to a ‘disco ball’. Erm, sorry, disco balls are amazing, who wouldn’t want to look like one? I love the quirkiness of this dress and think the silver looks lovely on her. But hey, that’s the joy of fashion, it’s all subjective!

Click through below to see my Pinterest board of favourites…

Bullring Christmas Bloggers Event

emily jayne bullring christmas bloggersDone all your Christmas shopping? Nope? Me either!! (For those of you who smugly said ‘yup’, think of all the last minute excitement you’re missing out on! Nope? Rather not run around in a frenzy of festive stress? Fair enough.)

But anyhoo, for those who, like me, need a little last minute Christmas Gift inspiration, the lovely folks at the Bullring ran an event last week for a handful of Brum bloggers to showcase some of their festive offerings!

Fab nibbles and some rather spectacular looking cocktails were provided by Chi Kitchen. I’ve not visited this new Pan-Asian restaurant in Debenhams yet, but it’s now definitely on my list of places to try – in fact it was difficult to tear myself away from the buffet and chatting and catching up with some of my fave bloggy types to go and look at the lovely gift ideas! [Read more…]

The Clothes Show 2015

clothes show 2015 8

The Clothes Show at Birmingham’s NEC is undoubtedly one of the biggest fashion events of the year. It’s certainly a bit of an institution – I have many happy memories of visiting on school trips (one of the advantages of doing a textiles GCSE!) and through into my 20s, hoping to bag a bargain or bump into a designer that I loved (and of course, always hearing the stories of models and presenters who were ‘spotted’ by agencies at the show, not something I ever expected to happen to me, but certainly added a level of glamour to the whole occasion, especially for a teen growing up in a suburban town just outside Birmingham, where it seemed impossible that anything glamorous would ever happen.) [Read more…]

Exploring Loved & Found Boutique and Trilogy Denim at John Lewis Birmingham

john lewis loved and found birmingham 4

John Lewis opened in Birmingham to much fanfare in September, and last week I was given the opportunity to explore their Loved & Found boutique area at their first Blogger event.

Alongside a couple of my favourite Brum bloggy types – Emma from Fashion Mommy and Lula Belle from Glamour in the County, I was welcomed with a glass of fizz (Waitrose, naturally!) to this fabulous area in the Womenswear department by Lucy, the store’s personal stylist.

I have to say that Loved & Found is a bit of a hidden treasure – on my visits to the store I hadn’t actually discovered it, tucked neatly in its own area – hit the juice bar, and then keep going to find it! It is (much like the rest of the store!) a bit of a blogger’s paradise – all copper fixtures and warm wooden tones, but it is what you will find there that makes it special. [Read more…]