The Colour Edit – Spring 2015 – Blue

the colour edit blue 2015 spring

A new season means a new kaleidascope of colour arriving in the shops – and Spring, with it’s bright, cheerful shades, is always my favourite. This year the powers that be at Pantone have predicted a cooler, softer palette of colours, offset with subtle warm shades, so there really should be something for everyone.

I can’t remember the last season that didn’t have blue as a trend, and Spring 2015 is no exception. This year we see not one, but 3 shades of blue come to the forefront:

  • Aquamarine –  Cool and calming, ethereal, with a wet and watery feel. Open and expansive, this restful blue also acts as a stress reducer.
  • Scuba Blue – An invigorating turquoise, conveys a sense of carefree playfulness.Even though a cool shade, the vibrancy adds a splash of excitement to the palette. Scuba Blue offers a feeling of escape as it is reminiscent of a tropical ocean. This stirring and energizing shade takes us off to an exotic paradise that is pleasant and inviting, even if only a fantasy.
  • Classic Blue – Reliable and thoughtful, inspires calm, confidence and harmony.Serving as an anchor to the Spring/Summer 2015 palette, a shade that is strong and reliable. Just as with the sea, because of its waterborne qualities, this Classic Blue is perceived as thoughtful and introspective.

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New Look for ! has had a makeover

I’ve had a makeover! (Or at least my website has!)

It’s been a long time in the making (I think I first started muttering about moving to wordpress about 3 years ago!) but my shiny new site and blog is finally here, and I’m so excited to start filling it with brand new content.
It’s hard to believe that my previous branding is 6 years old this year, so I was more than due a refresh. Of course I went back to the fabulous Aimee from So Much Design for my rebrand to work the same magic she worked all those years ago. I wanted to reflect that I’d grown up a little (without ever being too grown up!) and, of course, work in some colour!  [Read more…]

The Joys of Adult Onset Dermatitis / Eczema (Or, Lipstick, I MissedYou!)

A bit of a personal post today, but I thought it was worth writing as when I was googling away trying to find out what on earth was going on, all the articles / blogs I found were about people who had been eczema sufferers their whole life, and I was very much under the impression that people don’t just suddenly ‘get it’. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be true.

I’m not sure whether you’ve noticed that there weren’t quite as many selfies on my Instagram account towards the end of last year, and there certainly weren’t any lipstick reviews on my blog. In fact I kind of shied away from photos a bit altogether. [Read more…]

How to Wear Summer Dresses in Winter

Image first appeared on Grand Central Birmingham blog

With my preference for lighter, brighter colours, shopping in winter can be a bit of a nightmare for me. It always seems strange to me that as the sun disappears and the days get depressingly shorter, all of the colour disappears from the shops and we are surrounded by black and grey. Bleurgh!

So, my solution? Well I buy far more in the Spring/Summer months when the colours are sunnier and more my style, and then take them through into Winter with me. [Read more…]

Review – Ole Henriksen Truth Creme Advanced Hydration & Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil

I’ve written before about my love for Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment (previously called Invigorating Night Gel)  – it’s just one of those products that I can instantly see ‘works’ for my skin. So, when I was contacted to see if I’d like to try some more products from the line to celebrate them launching recently in Selfridges Birmingham I was somewhat excited.

I explained that my skin is dehydrated/blemish prone and that I’m keen to fight off the first signs of aging, and was sent the Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil (available as part of the Merry and Bright Holiday Kit here) and Truth Creme Advanced Hydration and have now been using them for 2 weeks. [Read more…]