Hall & Landing: Before Photos and Plans…

As you may have seen if you watched my last vlog, we have FINALLY started decorating our new flat. Well, I say ‘new’, we actually moved in nearly a year ago. (I can’t quite believe it, it seems a year goes very quickly when you’re buying your first place together, getting married, and going on honeymoon. And no, I don’t recommend planning/doing all those things at once, but hey, at least we know that our marriage can survive stressful times right from the outset?)

At the moment, the whole flat is pretty much a big white box, that we’ve moved whatever furniture we had in our old flat into. As you can imagine, big white box is not exactly my ideal (I neeeeeed colour!), and the vast majority of our furniture was scraped together from ebay, donations from our family, and charity shops. There are a few gems in there, but a lot of it is looking very tired. Our new home deserves some new furniture, bought with it in mind, and in any case, it’s about double the size of the old one, so parts of it are looking a little empty.

One of the more ‘bare’ areas is the area that we’re starting with – the hallway and landing. Our reasons for starting here are actually pretty simple – we are absolutely dying for more storage space. I still have piles of boxes from where we moved, and under our stairs is pretty much just one large pile of stuff (ok, it’s mostly one large stack of beer and wine bottles). We desperately need some more space to display our precious belongings (hide embarrassingly large stocks of alcohol), and the hallway seems the perfect place to start.
hall and landing before 2

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Jeans for Curves from ASOS

Great jeans for curves ASOS Farleigh 4

I’m a curvy lady. I’m currently a size 18, but at at any size I am curvy – with a large difference in size between my waist and hips, and a round tum and bum. And this shape basically makes buying jeans a NIGHTMARE. I’d pretty much given up wearing them to be honest, with dresses and skirts taking over. I know that I’m not the only one with this problem, so I wanted to share these awesome Farleigh jeans from ASOS.

Great jeans for curves ASOS Farleigh 2

Pink coat – Boden, pink/white breton – Sprinkle of Glitter for Simply Be, gold shell bag – Skinny Dip, Farleigh slim mom jeans – ASOS, gold trainers – Reebok

I’ve found that generally, jeans are either too low cut, which means they cut into the fullest part of my tummy, or roll down under it – really uncomfortable and not exactly flattering; or if they are high waisted enough then in order to get them to fit over my hips the waist ends up being massively too big, leading to either annoyingly falling down jeans throughout the day, or having to belt in excessive amounts of fabric.

Great jeans for curves ASOS Farleigh 3

Neither of these are an issue with the Farleighs – they hit me at my natural waist, are snug around the hips & bum, and best of all, stay up all day without a belt. They’re also a slightly heavier weight denim than I’ve found myself buying in recent years (most of the jeans that came anywhere near fitting me were more like jeggings in their super stretch fabric) which I love.

Great jeans for curves ASOS Farleigh 7

I wore these jeans to death on my honeymoon in Japan, and I love them rolled up with a pair of heels to dress them up a little as much as I do running about in trainers and a tee.

The Farleigh style is available in multiple washes and colours, and inclusion in the ASOS Curve range means that they run up to a size 28. I can see more pairs in my wardrobe very soon. My only hope is that some more colourful styles become available as Spring approaches – can you imagine them in a gorgeous green, grey or even pink? Oooh!

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Thanks to Ting from The Ting Thing for being my photographer!

Diagnosis – Facial Allergic Contact Dermatitis Patch Testing Results


For today’s post I’m going to be taking you back in time to one of the busiest points of last year (and possibly of my life!)

In June 2016 I had just bought and moved into a new flat (our first that we have owned), was knee deep wedding planning, was working crazy hours, and my face was a mess.

The allergic contact dermatitis that had appeared from nowhere in 2014 was at an all time, irritating high (or low!) My lips were dry and cracked, with red sore patches all around them, and perhaps even worse the small patch that had developed under my eye had returned with a vengeance whilst I was on my hen weekend. I had absolutely no idea what was causing it, and no way of regulating it other than plastering the most delicate areas of my face with steroid cream.

This was not how I’d planned on my face looking for my wedding day.

However, after months of waiting, I had been referred back to the hospital for more tests. [Read more…]