Bedroom: Before Photos and Plans…

No, we haven’t quite finished the hall and landing yet (if you follow me on instagram or youtube you will have seen that we are making good progress!) but I’m going to be starting to redecorate the bedroom in the near future. I have a couple of last jobs that need doing in the hallway, that it makes sense to combine with some work that needs doing upstairs, so it just seems like the right time.

Much like the impressive double-height entrance area to our flat, the light, spacious, airy bedroom was another space that I immediately fell in love with.


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Hall & Landing: Before Photos and Plans…

As you may have seen if you watched my last vlog, we have FINALLY started decorating our new flat. Well, I say ‘new’, we actually moved in nearly a year ago. (I can’t quite believe it, it seems a year goes very quickly when you’re buying your first place together, getting married, and going on honeymoon. And no, I don’t recommend planning/doing all those things at once, but hey, at least we know that our marriage can survive stressful times right from the outset?)

At the moment, the whole flat is pretty much a big white box, that we’ve moved whatever furniture we had in our old flat into. As you can imagine, big white box is not exactly my ideal (I neeeeeed colour!), and the vast majority of our furniture was scraped together from ebay, donations from our family, and charity shops. There are a few gems in there, but a lot of it is looking very tired. Our new home deserves some new furniture, bought with it in mind, and in any case, it’s about double the size of the old one, so parts of it are looking a little empty.

One of the more ‘bare’ areas is the area that we’re starting with – the hallway and landing. Our reasons for starting here are actually pretty simple – we are absolutely dying for more storage space. I still have piles of boxes from where we moved, and under our stairs is pretty much just one large pile of stuff (ok, it’s mostly one large stack of beer and wine bottles). We desperately need some more space to display our precious belongings (hide embarrassingly large stocks of alcohol), and the hallway seems the perfect place to start.
hall and landing before 2

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