Patch Testing for Allergic Contact Dermatitis – My Experience

patch testing contact allergic dermatitis lips

Just a few of the many, many patches I had stuck to me!

Last week, after a long, long wait, I finally had my patch testing for my suspected allergic contact dermatitis. I wanted to talk about my experience, as I did a lot of googling in the run up to it and couldn’t really find that much other than official ‘medical’ type documents. So, hopefully this will help anyone looking to know what to expect from patch testing (although hopefully not from the results, but we’ll come to that!)

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may be aware that I’ve been suffering with some sort of mystery dermatitis on my lips for some time (well over a year!) now. It appeared out of nowhere – suddenly they became red, cracked, sore and flakey. Not only painful and fairly unsightly, but making it pretty much impossible to wear lipstick for any extended amount of time as this just seemed to irritate the situation further.

Up to this point I’d already tried a lot – numerous GPs appointments and mistaken diagnoses of vitamin deficiency or possible inflammatory disease, giving up dairy (which seemed to work at first but soon made no difference what so ever), and an appointment with an immunologist for pinprick testing to check for histamine type allergies (the instant type reactions you get to say, peanuts) which all came back clear. A referral to a dermatologist (finally!) followed, where she basically banned me from all skincare products (which was unfortunately timed very close to me injuring my eye and having an eye makeup ban, causing me to write probably the most emotional post I’ve ever put up on this blog.) [Read more…]

Fudge : The New Superfood


Hello there lovely colourful people! I’m feeling all refreshed and relaxed after a week away by the seaside! Last week Dan & I headed off down to Cornwall, aka our favourite place on earth, to do a little wedding planning and meet up with friends for scones, sunshine, seafood and beach-side frolics.

OK, so the beginning part didn’t exactly go to plan – we arrived to find that the water heater was leaking (eek), and that something had gone seriously awry with the broadband (double eek). Nothing that a few hours hanging quilts / pillows / towels to dry on the balcony, an emergency call to the plumber, and many, many hours of our life on the phone to BT technical support couldn’t solve though. (Although, despite eventually getting a new broadband router delivered we never did quite get speeds high enough for me to get my weekly vlog uploaded. Or any blog posts for that matter. Ah well, should mean it’s a bumper week this week!) We also managed to forget the power lead for the Sonos. I think it shows just how dependent we’ve become on it that we immediately got a replacement ordered on next day delivery! (I mean, who wants to get up and change the music when you can do it from your phone/laptop/tablet?) Honestly, I love Sonos, we just have the one at the moment, but I have dreams of a large, complicated (ahem, expensive) multi-room set up that seranades me with music fitting my mood as I move from place to place in the flat. [Read more…]

Adventure / Misadventure

Hello there lovely blog reading folks – how’s your Summer going so far?

I’ve realised that I’ve been getting so into vlogging what I’m up to recently,  that my catch up posts here on the blog have been waning a little, sorry about that. I know that not everyone likes their catch ups in video form, and I’m actually missing writing these little chatty posts, so I’ll try to be a bit better about them!

So, what have I been up to since my last catch up post (which I believe was when I returned from my lovely holiday in Madeira)?

sale shopping agnes and norman cath kidston

A spot of sale shopping! Firstly, I discovered that the fab Birmingham shoe brand Agnes & Norman were having a warehouse sale, and as it was only a minor detour on my way home it seemed rude not to pop in! I was pleased as punch to pick up a strawberry-hued pair of prettys – actually my favourites from back when they launched, but as I was on a major saving kick at the time I had only admired them from afar (ok, not that afar, I did try them on a couple of times) when I spotted them  in my size in the sale, I knew it was meant to be! Also, I swear, I only popped into Selfridges to buy a card, but ended up nabbing a gorgeous floral bag from Cath Kidston for just £24 in the sale, which has made a rather perfect gym bag, especially as… [Read more…]

I’m baaa-aaaack!

Madeira North Shore

Howdy folks! I’m back from my holiday in gorgeous Madeira, and feeling refreshed and ready to go!

You know, once I’ve caught up with everything 😉

Seriously though, after an incredibly stressful couple of months , a week of relaxation in breathtakingly beautiful surroundings was just what we needed. It’s difficult to describe how beautiful the island was, and we spent our days pottering about, eating fabulous food, drinking fabulous wine and generally exploring. (Exploring also included hurtling down a hill in a wicker basket, and discovering the joys of mixing fruit and fish, but if you’d like to see more of what we got up to you can check out my Madeira holiday vlog over on my YouTube Channel.) [Read more…]

Emily Jayne is on Holiday!


I’m off on holiday now, soaking up a little sun (safely hidden behind a massive hat and some liberally applied SPF 50, I’m sure to return just as pale as I left!), eating a little food (we have a 5 course dinner booked in our hotel every. single. night) and probably drinking a little wine (we are going to Madeira after all!)

I’ll be back in the country to answer emails etc w/c 22nd June, and back blogging and in the studio from w/c 29th June. See you then!

(and if you really miss me, no doubt I won’t be able to stay off twitter and instagram!)