Hoar Cross Hall Spa Escape

Whenever anyone asks me for a spa recommendation I without hesitation say ‘Hoar Cross Hall‘. There’s something about the place that induces immediate relaxation.

It’s just far enough out of the city to feel like I’m escaping into the countryside, without being so far that it feels like a slog to get there. The Jacobean building gives the historian in me serious happies, the food is brilliant (and plentiful), and that’s before you even get on to the actual spa facilities.

Back in April I was just entering what I’ll now refer to as ‘stressed-out-reclusedom’ – we were in the final days of working out whether we were EVER going to exchange on our new flat (and being hit with surprise bills left right and centre. Awesome.), the new web project I was working on was seriously kicking off, suddenly we only had 4 months to the wedding, and it felt like the flat purchase was taking up all of our planning time. I was, in short, a wreck.

Fortunately my wonderful mother had spied my on-the-edge-ness and treated me to a trip to Hoar Cross for my birthday. We have a bit of a tradition of visiting together every year, but due to various factors had missed 2015 out. The solution? Go for twice as long in 2016! (Gotta love my mother’s logic – it’s the same logic that led to visiting Disneyland being the only possible solution to our flight being moved by 24 hours on the way back from Hawaii.) Thank goodness she was so generous – looking back I think this little ‘relaxation re-set’ was one of the few things that got me through!

2015 being a ‘fallow spa year’ also meant that this was the first time that we’d encountered the newly refurbished facilities. I got a glimpse of some of these back when I visited the opening of the Matthew Curtis salon at Hoar Cross in July last year, but it was brilliant to see how they’ve really taken the place to another level of luxury.

Check out my vlog from our spa escape to see just what I’m talking about. There are scones!

A whole lotta life stuff…

Dan & Em cake topper

thanks to our friend Chris for the awesome pic.

Oh hello there, remember me?

All been a bit quiet here recently, eh?

If you follow me on instagram (about the only form of social media I’ve managed to keep up with recently!) then you’ll probably have gathered that I’ve been a bit busy over the last few months.

In short, allllll the life stuff happened. Just since the last blog post we bought our FIRST HOME  (yay! still can’t quite believe it!) together (yes, after 2 years of looking, of course we managed to find somewhere and complete on it 3 months before our wedding!), I went through a WHOLE lot of tests for just over a couple of weeks at the hospital for my dermatitis issues that I’ve been blogging about for the last 2 years or so (again, 2 years build up, all comes to fruition 2 months before the wedding! But, I now have a diagnosis, which is excellent news!), I took on a LARGE new web content contract, and then, 4 weeks ago, after all the build up, WE GOT MARRIED! (Woohoo!) [Read more…]

See you in 2016!

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 18.28.39Hello lovely colourful types, just a quick post today to let you know that I’m now going on my Christmas break! Woohoo! I’ll be back blogging and the styling studio will be open again from the 4th January.

In the meantime I wish you all a very colourful Christmas, and a super sparkly New Year!

(And if you find yourself missing me too much, I will no doubt still be tweeting, instagramming and snapchatting (emilyjayneimage) my way through this festive period!)

Living Off Reserves Until 2018 – November in Review


Ooh, look at me doing what I said I would on the blog for once!

You may remember that I neglected to write a general life update / what I have been up to post for 3 months, leading to the last one being possibly the longest blog post I have ever written. Due to the amount of coffee needed to fuel the writing of that post (and most likely the lack of people who actually made it to the end; If you did you totally get a cookie) I vowed that I would make these posts monthly from that point on. So, here I am with my November in review! [Read more…]

Life: the last 3 months in review!

Here I was, just pottering around organising my editorial calendar, when boom, I realised I hadn’t done a ‘weekly’ life catch up post since, erm, August.


I think perhaps it’s time to admit that my ‘cheating on my blog’ with YouTube (don’t worry blogging, you’ll always be my first love!) has meant that the weekly vlogs have taken precedence, and I can’t keep up with doing weekly catch up posts here as well. Which, to be honest, makes sense. I’ve always tried to keep the focus on Colour, Style & Beauty here on the blog, and the reason I re-launched my youtube channel this year was so that I could cover the more lifestyle-y stuff over there.

But, I am aware that not everyone who reads the blog is a YouTube subscriber, some people prefer to read than to watch, and sometimes I prefer to write than to blog. So, my thoughts at the moment are perhaps to instead try and schedule in a monthly catch up post, so I can chat to you all about what’s been going on, and give a little context to the rest of the blog.

So, with no further ado (’cause that was quite a lot of ado),  here’s what I’ve been up to since the last catch up post.

(Please feel free to pause here to make a cuppa, it’s been a busy few months!) [Read more…]