Living Off Reserves Until 2018 – November in Review


Ooh, look at me doing what I said I would on the blog for once!

You may remember that I neglected to write a general life update / what I have been up to post for 3 months, leading to the last one being possibly the longest blog post I have ever written. Due to the amount of coffee needed to fuel the writing of that post (and most likely the lack of people who actually made it to the end; If you did you totally get a cookie) I vowed that I would make these posts monthly from that point on. So, here I am with my November in review! [Read more…]

Life: the last 3 months in review!

Here I was, just pottering around organising my editorial calendar, when boom, I realised I hadn’t done a ‘weekly’ life catch up post since, erm, August.


I think perhaps it’s time to admit that my ‘cheating on my blog’ with YouTube (don’t worry blogging, you’ll always be my first love!) has meant that the weekly vlogs have taken precedence, and I can’t keep up with doing weekly catch up posts here as well. Which, to be honest, makes sense. I’ve always tried to keep the focus on Colour, Style & Beauty here on the blog, and the reason I re-launched my youtube channel this year was so that I could cover the more lifestyle-y stuff over there.

But, I am aware that not everyone who reads the blog is a YouTube subscriber, some people prefer to read than to watch, and sometimes I prefer to write than to blog. So, my thoughts at the moment are perhaps to instead try and schedule in a monthly catch up post, so I can chat to you all about what’s been going on, and give a little context to the rest of the blog.

So, with no further ado (’cause that was quite a lot of ado),  here’s what I’ve been up to since the last catch up post.

(Please feel free to pause here to make a cuppa, it’s been a busy few months!) [Read more…]

National Wedding Show 2015, NEC Birmingham

Can you believe it, our wedding is now less than a year away! ARGH! Erm, I mean, Squeee!

Yup, back when we got engaged in August 2014, a 2 year engagement felt like the LONGEST time to plan a wedding (seriously, I was pretty keen to get married in 2015, but the venue we fell in love with had zero availability.) but all of a sudden it seems like time is ticking, and the to do list is growing! [Read more…]

#DiscoBullHead at Birmingham Bullring


The Birmingham Weekender began for me with an air of mystery… what on earth were The Bullring folks up to?

I’d seen images of delivery crates on their twitter feed, and the rather odd hashtag #DiscoBullHead had been mentioned, with promises of ‘the bull coming alive’. So when I was invited along to the unveiling event, how could I resist?

Along with a small group of bloggers, photographers and Brummie social media types, I ventured up to the balcony in the Bullring management suite that overlooks St Martins church. I was handed a glass of champagne, and introduced to artist Josh Harker, who is best known as he artist behind the Shogyo Mujo Skull at Burning Man festival in 2014. He had created Taurus Geodisica for the Bullring & Birmingham Weekender. Again, we were told, just wait and see. [Read more…]

Patch Testing for Allergic Contact Dermatitis – My Experience

patch testing contact allergic dermatitis lips

Just a few of the many, many patches I had stuck to me!

Last week, after a long, long wait, I finally had my patch testing for my suspected allergic contact dermatitis. I wanted to talk about my experience, as I did a lot of googling in the run up to it and couldn’t really find that much other than official ‘medical’ type documents. So, hopefully this will help anyone looking to know what to expect from patch testing (although hopefully not from the results, but we’ll come to that!)

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may be aware that I’ve been suffering with some sort of mystery dermatitis on my lips for some time (well over a year!) now. It appeared out of nowhere – suddenly they became red, cracked, sore and flakey. Not only painful and fairly unsightly, but making it pretty much impossible to wear lipstick for any extended amount of time as this just seemed to irritate the situation further.

Up to this point I’d already tried a lot – numerous GPs appointments and mistaken diagnoses of vitamin deficiency or possible inflammatory disease, giving up dairy (which seemed to work at first but soon made no difference what so ever), and an appointment with an immunologist for pinprick testing to check for histamine type allergies (the instant type reactions you get to say, peanuts) which all came back clear. A referral to a dermatologist (finally!) followed, where she basically banned me from all skincare products (which was unfortunately timed very close to me injuring my eye and having an eye makeup ban, causing me to write probably the most emotional post I’ve ever put up on this blog.) [Read more…]