A Rock n Roll Party Roundup

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to be invited to the RocknRoll Bride party in London. If you’re a bride to be and haven’t yet checked out Kat’s amazing blog, then please do so immediately! Hopefully it comes across that I’m extremely passionate about couples expressing their own sense of style on the big day, and that is what Kat is all about.

Imagine then, my joy, when I heard earlier this year that out of the 500 people who had applied for tickets to her shindig, I was one of the successful 200.

It was an utterly amazing night. It seemed a little like the whole of Soho & Covent Garden had been transformed into Rock n Roll land, from randomly bumping into Steve Gerrard outside my hotel, to spying people in vintage dresses or holding strange props (for the photobooth) outside a club and knowing that we were heading in the right direction! [Read more…]

Social Media Creating Communities – Warwick Tweetup

I am a complete geek, and therefore unsurprisingly love Social Media. Not only does it help me keep a handle on my social life (admittedly limited due to the joys of running my own business!) but perhaps more importantly, Facebook, Linked In and Twitter have been absolutely instrumental in the building of my business.

Often when I evangelise about twitter to my friends and contacts, they are somewhat surprised, “isn’t it just a load of self-obsessed people tweeting about what they are having for lunch?” Well, yes, it is, but those who focus on that aspect are kind of missing the point. Twitter allows me to network amongst my contacts, if you find just a few people who are interesting, there’s a large chance that you’ll also get on with the people they find interesting. Suddenly your teeny following list that started with just a handfull of people you’ve met, and a couple of celebrities is a huge and powerful network. I can’t count the number of jobs I’ve worked on with people I’ve met through Twitter. Perhaps most comforting to those of us who are self-employed, though, and often working on our own, is the sense of community, the support and advice of those who you admire. If you’re ever feeling a bit down in the dumps or sorry for yourself, there will be someone to moan with you, someone to inspire you, and someone to give you the kick you need; and when it’s all going well, feel free to shout about it, your community will celebrate with you and help you make sure that the world knows about it. [Read more…]

Corina Corina Re-Work it! Crafting, wine and canapés!

Last Thursday I was invited along to the Corina Corina Re-work it! workshop. It was advertised as a workshop showing you how to re-invigorate tired tops, and hopefully the first in a series. There would also be wine, and canapés. How could I resist?

I asked along my friend, Adele, a self-confessed non-crafter. I have some basic sewing skills, further limited by my impatience. As I explained to Ella, owner of Corina Corina, if I start a dress on a Sunday morning, I expect to have a dress by Sunday afternoon. Pressing seams? That’s for wimps. Interfacing? Pah! [Read more…]

A Beautiful Business – Colour Me Beautiful International Image Consultancy Conference 2011

I spent last Saturday in London for the annual Colour Me Beautiful International Conference. Every year CMB puts on this event for all consultants, the world over, who have trained with them to get together, find out all the latest news, take some training workshops and importantly get a rundown on the season’s trends with the fabulous Tony Glenville of London college of fashion. As always I had a fabulous time, despite loving having my own business, it is nice to get together with other Image Consultants to swap ideas and stories and I think it’s great that the CMB-trained consultants all have such a feeling of community, even though we all run our own separate businesses. There’s also nothing like a room packed full of image consultants – all the different styles and colours, a complete melting pot of fashion!

The event took place at the beautiful Grand Connaught Rooms, the setting for fashionista type events such as the Elle Style Awards, near Covent Garden. After getting an extremely early train I arrived bright and early for my first workshop, “The White Lies of Colour” with Cliff Bashforth.

Cliff Bashforth demonstrates the tricksy nature of colour

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Designer Vintage Bridal Show, Birmingham

Sweets to tempt in the visitors!
This weekend I had the great pleasure of exhibiting at the very first Designer Vintage Bridal Show. Organised by the lovely Rachel of Rachel Simpson Shoes and Clare of The Wedding Club, the show was aimed at bringing high-end vintage bridal fashion suppliers together in a beautiful setting for midlands brides. Well, they certainly hit home on all of those aims. The show was held at Highbury Hall, and I’m ashamed to say that despite being a local girl with a love of history, I had no idea that Neville Chamberlain’s beautiful home was nestled into the back of King’s Heath! Words cannot express what a perfect setting for the show this was. The Victorian house is set in parkland, with rooms lovingly restored to their former glory by Birmingham Council. This would be a fantastic venue for the Midlands vintage bride.

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