Christmas Afternoon Tea at Hotel La Tour

I love shopping. That’s a fact. However, at this time of year, the shops can get a little crazy even for me, and sometimes you just need to take a break, relax and remind yourself that shopping should be an enjoyable indulgence. That’s why you won’t find me going on a shopping trip at any time of year without pausing for a coffee and maybe a little cake treat, and if shopping at this time of year is extra crazy, I think your treat should be extra indulgent!

What could be better, then, than a festively themed afternoon tea at one of the city’s newest luxury hotels? Hotel La Tour is an independently owned 4 star hotel that is right next to the city’s shopping hot spots, a mere 5 minutes walk from the Bullring, and a quick stroll through the Pavilions (it’s also super handy for one of my favourite spots in Birmingham, the romantically retro Moor Street Station). I took my lovely friend and fellow blogger Fashion Mommy along to sample the new Christmas Afternoon Tea Menu.

Christmas Sparkle

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November Outfit Roundup

Excited about this November outfit roundup as it means that this is the last outfit roundup before I do weekly Dressember roundups! (Yup, I’m doing a dress a day for 31 days again!) Come back for that next Monday, but for now, here’s what I’ve been wearing this month, hopefully proof that as the weather has been getting colder there’s no need to ditch colour! (I also love these roundup posts as I can see any trends in what I’ve been wearing – obviously this month my obsession with mustard yellow has been showing!)

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Back With a Couple of Guest Posts

I’m back!

Didja miss me? After 2 weeks away I certainly have missed blogging! Unfortunately the break wasn’t quite as relaxing as I had intended, as it unfortunately turned into 2 weeks of hard core, full time, flat hunting, instead of the sea side break I had been planning. The good news is, though, that fingers crossed it seems we have finally found a flat! And it even has a box room for me to use as a wardrobe! Hurrah! (Not sure whether the boyf has yet realised that my shoes are probably still going to have to live in our bedroom thought as I think the box room may be a little on the small side to contain them!) I’m so excited about getting moved in, getting a proper set up for outfit posts, and, of course, finally having a full length mirror outside of my studio! Hurrah again!

So, to ease us back in, I wanted to link to a couple of blogs that I did guest posts for on colour and style that appeared whilst I was away.

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Merry Hill Spring/Summer Fashion Fete and a £50 Outfit Challenge

Last Saturday and Sunday the Westfield Merry Hill shopping centre held a celebration of Spring / Summer fashion in the form of a Fashion Fete!

Stores from the centre had set themselves up with a selection of their wares on pretty stands, lined with bunting, and the centre’s event area had become a green field for the weekend! I had a wander around the fete and found many a pretty thing, and more importantly some bargains as many of the stands were publicising special sale rates and discounts for the weekend. [Read more…]

Selfridges Blogger Evening Part 2 – The Pampering

After driving us well and truly crazy by showing us an array of lust-worthy accessories, Selfridges and the Bullring¬†decided to give us a serious pampering. I often joke that you can tell that you’re at a fashion event because there’s loads of booze, and very little food! This was definitely not the case. We were treated to an Italian feast at pizza restaurant Rossopomodoro which can be found on the bottom floor of Selfridges. I was yet to try this relatively new eatery, so was pretty excited (I get pretty excited about food generally). Pizza after pizza was bought out, and they were exactly as I remember eating them in Italy – fresh thin crust, real tomato base, cured meats, roasted vegetables, gorgeous stringy mozzerella. Oh my. This was all accompanied by bruschetta, olives, and other lovely nibbles. All the time our glasses were being topped up with fresh Prosecco (or iced water for the drivers!). There was so much most of us ended up taking home a doggy bag for the lucky people waiting for us at home. (Ok, I’ll admit it, I did actually make the boyfriend share it with me.) [Read more…]