Red Carpet Round Up – BAFTAs 2011

We’re well into awards season now! Time for another Red Carpet Rundown.

Last night the stars came out for the BAFTA film awards. Honestly, I didn’t find a lot to love there (I get the feeling the stars like to start the season in style at the Golden Globes, then hold back a little until Oscar time) but what I did love, I absolutely ADORED. What am I talking about? The sublime oversize florals on display! I may have a bit of a controversial opinion here, but it’s so lovely to see some splashes of colour amongst all the black, and also love the fact that prints are in this year for evening wear – it makes things a little more exciting!

So here are 3 of my favourites, and 3 that I didn’t quite think worked:


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What is Colours Analysis?

Ever wonder why your best friend looks fabulous in her LBD but you never look quite right?

Ever wish that you could look younger, thinner, healthier or more attractive?

Ever find shopping a nightmare, depressing experience?

Then perhaps Colours Analysis is for you!

Is your colouring clear with lots of contrast?

During a session in my fully equipped Image Studio, you will have your colour type fully diagnosed with the aid of drapes. Perhaps you have the strong, deep colouring of Catherine Zeta Jones? Perhaps you have the warm tones of Julianne Moore? You’ll be diagnosed as one of 24 different colour pallets, which will give you 42 of the most flattering shades for you to wear. [Read more…]

In the Nude

One of the trends for Spring / Summer 2010 that my clients have really struggled with is getting nude!

Nude Dress, ASOS, £26.00

These neutral colours have been everywhere this season, but have been met with fear and scorn – “How can I wear that without looking completely washed out?”, “Urgh, it’s just so dull!” and the like.

So for this weeks Friday’s for tips, I’d like to lend a hand on how to take on this trend, and come out on top:

Lights : I’ll cover you first, as you’re the ones who have it the easiest! This trend was meant for you, the light airy nude colours will reflect light up onto your own fair features, giving you a Summer glow! My tip for you? Embrace the nudes that are around this season, and stock up, you never know when you’re going to be able to get them again! [Read more…]

Westmead Hotel Corporate Bookers Evening

Had a fab night last night at the Westmead Hotel giving a presentation on Colour, Style and Image to a lovely group of ladies.

The event was arranged by Melanie Kerkeni, the Hotel Sales Manager, to entertain an invited group of corporate booking agents and clients.

I gave an hour-long presentation, a whistle-stop tour through the basics of what I do, and hopefully inspired the group to really take the time to think about their wardrobe and shopping habits. [Read more…]

DWP and JobCentre Plus Work/Life Balance Day

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (@emilyjayneimage) you’ll know that I was recently asked to attend the DWP and Jobcentre Plus Work/Life Balance Day at West Bromwich Albion Football ground. It was a fantastic event organised by Job Centre Plus for their employees to encourage them to find a good work/life balance, with talks and exhibits from the Radisson Hotel, Fitness First, Slimming World and many others including myself to represent Colour Me Beautiful.
I met lots of lovely people, and spoke to them about Colour, Style, Image and Make-Up, and hope to see them again soon for Colours Analysis and Style Consultations.
In any case, fun was definitely had as hopefully you can see from the photos!

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