5 Reasons to Wear Yellow

When I’m working with clients in a Colours Analysis session, yellow is always one of the most controversial colours. I get so many ‘ooh I can’t wear that’ or ‘I have no idea what it goes with’ or ‘it’s just so bright!’ comments!

I think that this is a great shame, as there is a shade of yellow that looks fantastic on most people (ok there is one colour type for whom it isn’t the most flattering!) and it really is one of my favourite colours! So, here are 5 reasons to get more yellow in your wardrobe… [Read more…]

Making Brum More Colourful at the Bullring Spring Fashion Fix

Photo Credit – Pretty in Pink

Last Thursday I had a rather exciting day being a part of the Bullring Spring Fashion Fix. It was a fabulous event, designed to give shoppers all of the info that they would need to snag themselves the perfect Spring wardrobe.

The event was set up around 5 key trends – Pretty Things (Pastels, lace and florals), Sports Luxe (clean lines, mesh and sporty details), Monochrome, Going Global (tribal prints, beading and tassles) and Colour Palette (bright, splashy colour blocking) with a series of experts to help shoppers achieve the look.

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In my last How to Wear Colour post I looked at what to do once you’ve worked out your palette – building a new, colourful capsule wardrobe! We started with Light, and today we’re going to look at an example capsule wardrobe for a Deep. (No idea what that means? Take a look back at the series to find out!)
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