Feel good about looking good – CMB Makeup Ethical Policy

I’m a big fan of the Colour Me Beautiful makeup range – it’s what I use on an everyday basis and not only can you tailor the colours you wear to your specific pallet (e.g. I’m a light, so there are some beautiful light and bright colours for me!) but also create a variety of basic daytime and nightime looks.I therefore thought it was a major plus when CMB sent me their new ethical policy this week, some great things in here that I thought I’d share with you:

Colour Me Beautiful Cosmetics
Ethical and Environmental Policy

The Colour Me Beautiful cosmetic range is a mineral based range designed to minimise it’s impact upon the environment. We aim to reduce our use of natural resources and to reuse our products wherever possible.

• Colour Me Beautiful is almost the only cosmetic range in the UK that does not use unnecessary outer cartons or packaging. This not just reduces our usage of trees for cardboard or oil for polythene, but also removes the need to print the outer packaging. The printing process uses heat from fossil fuels and releases solvents into the atmosphere which in turn deplete the ozone layer. Whilst outer packaging on cosmetics may make the products look pretty, it generates some 50,000 tonnes of waste annually in the UK, the vast majority of which finds its way into landfill sites. None of this wastage comes from Colour Me Beautiful.

• Colour Me Beautiful cosmetic compacts are 100% reusable. There is absolutely no waste.

• Colour Me Beautiful eye shadows, blushers and powders are sold as individual units and not in packs or sets. Many manufacturers sell these products in sets and once you have finished your favourite product, the set is thrown away wasting the unused products. With the Colour Me Beautiful range, you simply replace your most popular item, keeping for future use those items you use less frequently or in smaller amounts. This results in less use of natural resources as no products are wasted and it minimises the waste thrown away causing less damage to the environment.

• Colour Me Beautiful cosmetics are manufactured in the UK and Europe. No cosmetic products have travelled halfway around the world, damaging the environment in the process.


There is significant empirical evidence to strongly suggest that parabens are carcinogenic (can cause cancer). The skin on the face is thinner than the skin on the rest of the body, so anything applied onto the face is quick to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Because make-up is applied to the face, and applied for considerable periods of time, there is potential for absorption into the bloodstream. Unfortunately, parabens are still used in over 90% of cosmetics sold in the UK today. Parabens act as a preservative yet other, more expensive preservatives, are available to replace them. The Colour Me Beautiful range of cosmetics uses these alternatives and, as a result is completely free of parabens.


Lead is known to be a dangerous cancer causing metal. Applied to thin skin, such as the lips, it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream and the body’s vital organs. Absorption of lead over prolonged periods of time, even in relatively low quantities, can cause cancer and organ damage or failure. In 1990, almost all lipsticks sold in the UK included lead as one of their ingredients. Today, remarkably, the majority of lipsticks in the UK still contain it. However, Colour Me Beautiful cosmetics have never contained lead.

Animal Testing

The Law in the UK allows a company to claim that their cosmetics have not been tested on animals if they have not been so tested in the preceding ten years. Colour Me Beautiful can go much further than this and state that our cosmetics have NEVER been tested on animals. Furthermore, no ingredients used in the manufacture of our cosmetics have ever been tested on animals. Our cosmetics do not contain any animal fats or products. As a result, Colour Me Beautiful cosmetics are suitable for all those who care about animal welfare as well as vegetarians and vegans.