Colour Me Beautiful Cosmetics Now Online!

Just a quick post to say that the full range of Colour Me Beautiful cosmetics is now available to buy online at
Its a fab range of make-up that is designed to be specifically tailored to your own Dominant colouring. If you don’t know what your Dominant is, then get in touch with me. Believe me, once you know your own colour pallet the way that you shop and dress will change forever!

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Wardrobe Paralysis

Really interesting article on the Telegraph Online about what I like to refer to as ‘Wardrobe Paralysis’, stating that women will, on average, spend one year of their lives deciding what to wear. It’s a fairly serious condition, of the same family as ‘Fridge Blindness’ (Fridge Blindness is of course predominantly suffered by males and results in a complete inability to find an item in the fridge despite it quite clearly being right in front of you).

Wardrobe Paralysis can be divided into clear stages: [Read more…]

Magical Fingernails

I just had to mention that after an afternoon of doing this to my car:

My fingernails look like this:

Nails Inc. 3 week manicure is truely magical! Not a chip in sight!
This is the second 3 week mancure I’ve had, and so far I’m really impressed. Ok, after the 2nd week it does start to grow out significantly, leaving quite a gap between cutical and colour, but i just paint over this with another polish. As long as you use an acetone-free polish remover, you can safely remove the polish and leave the gel colour beneath intact.
I have completely rubbish nails, they bend, they peel, they break. This seems to have put a stop to all that. Hurrah!
(Less hurrah for the fact that the clutch on my Mini has completely broken, hence the need for me to be taking the damn thing apart this afternoon – with help, obviously!)

Speed Shopping

I make no secret of the fact that I was the girl picked last for the team at school, as such the most exciting medals in my cabinet are a cycling proficiency badge and a participation rosette for a gymkhana I took part in age 7.

However, if there was a speed shopping world cup, I would surely have to be a contender.

Purchased in around 15 minutes yesterday:

Add my cream pumps & some jewellery and I’m ready to meet friends for lunch on bank holiday Monday! (See, I needed to buy them, as I obviously had nothing to wear for this occasion.)

Seize the day!

You might get run over by a bus tomorrow. Or you might not, and be forced to live knowing that you’ll never own a pair of Carvela Ashlys in Navy.

This, my friends, is why when you spot a pair of shoes that make your heart sing, you should buy them then and there.

They sell out.

Navy is the new Black! Hurrah!

Colours are constantly being hailed as ‘the new black’, and we should never really believe them as black is obviously always going around.

However, for me, as mentioned in the below post, navy really is my new black (and lovely black itself only reserved for funerals) so imagine my delight when I received the below from

Such a lovely aray of navyness for this A/W! Now I just have to decide which ones I want, and how on earth to pay for them. Loving ‘Gripping’, but I do have a very similar pair, so I’m thinking ‘Ashley’ which for some reason are giving me a really alice in wonderland/victoriana/witch vibe.

I am shoesius maximus shoesius….

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

So, I was in two minds about the Gladiator Sandal. On one hand, there’s no doubt that they are a sexy shoe, easy to wear in the summer, and it’s fab to get a pair of flats that are, well, exciting. (for me the only reason to wear flats is because heels would be totally impractical. Totally impractical mind you, not just a little bit impractical. If the situation is a little impractical, the pain is usually worth it).

On the other hand, as every lady should know, if you don’t happen to be a size 8 (US 4) and your legs are anything less than perfect, an ankle strap generally gets you a one way ticket to Stubby land.

In the end, these lovelies from TopShop won out.
It was the navy that did it I think. As a Light,Warm,Clear, I don’t wear black, (Seriously, no black at all – happy to talk about this in more detail if anyone’s interested), and navy is surprisingly difficult to come by, especially in a shoe. In anycase, I have already worn these lots, stubby legs be damned.
P.S. yes, that is nails inc. Sloan Avenue on my tootsies.