I am shoesius maximus shoesius….

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

So, I was in two minds about the Gladiator Sandal. On one hand, there’s no doubt that they are a sexy shoe, easy to wear in the summer, and it’s fab to get a pair of flats that are, well, exciting. (for me the only reason to wear flats is because heels would be totally impractical. Totally impractical mind you, not just a little bit impractical. If the situation is a little impractical, the pain is usually worth it).

On the other hand, as every lady should know, if you don’t happen to be a size 8 (US 4) and your legs are anything less than perfect, an ankle strap generally gets you a one way ticket to Stubby land.

In the end, these lovelies from TopShop won out.
It was the navy that did it I think. As a Light,Warm,Clear, I don’t wear black, (Seriously, no black at all – happy to talk about this in more detail if anyone’s interested), and navy is surprisingly difficult to come by, especially in a shoe. In anycase, I have already worn these lots, stubby legs be damned.
P.S. yes, that is nails inc. Sloan Avenue on my tootsies.

Inaugeral purchases!

Okay, so this all feels a bit special – the first purchase that I’m blogging! Have invested in the Nails Inc. Ready to Wear Spring/Summer Collection for 2008

The crime was committed via a bit of online shopping today (doesn’t have the immediacy of ‘proper’ shopping, but in some ways double the pleasure – one hit when you hit ‘confirm order’, another when your goodies arrive.) Bit of a backstory to this one – had a lovely girly weekend of shopping and spa-ing for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and had a manicure at Nails Inc. in Harvey Nick’s in the coral pink, fell in love with it, and vowed to buy the collection as soon as pay-day rolled around (see? I’m a responsible shopper!).
Can’t wait till these beauties land on my doorstep – between the 4 of them they’re the perfect colour pallet to go with everything in my wardrobe, and despite the fact that I don’t seem to keep nail polish on and intact for more than about 12 hours (seriously, if anyone has any tips around this they’d be gratefully received) there is something seriously indulgent about giving yourself a manicure.