2016 – what. a. year.

2016, how do I go about describing you? Never mind the celebrity deaths, the political upheaval, and the general disarray you seem to have caused; you were one of the biggest, toughest, most exhausting, but happiest years of my life.

After 2 years of searching, January would see us finally finding and having an offer accepted on the first home we would own together. I knew that the system for buying here in the UK was essentially a long poker game where you throw a lot of money at solicitors whilst hoping no one pulls out, but I hadn’t realised that even though we were in rented property, deposit at the ready, ready to go, and no one in the chain would try any funny business, we wouldn’t be picking up the keys until MAY. Yup, May. (And it feels like every day between those two dates was spent on the phone trying to move things along!)

But that day, when it was finally ours and we drank champagne out of plastic cups and ate a picnic on the empty floor made it so very worth it.


But why only cram one major life changing event into a year? 2016 was also the year that we got married! Once we’d finally moved into our new home, we suddenly realised that we were WAY BEHIND in wedding planning, and launched into wedmin overdrive. The next few months passed in a blur ย of dress fittings, DIY (and ordering stuff off Etsy!) and a weird mix of stress and sparkles (not to mention that I was working on a huge web content contract at the time!)

There was a brief weekend of magical respite when I got to have my dream hen weekend, and headed to Disneyland Paris with some of my favourite ladies. We created so many happy memories, wore ears and generally gave up on adulting for a few days. Just what the doctor ordered.


But speaking of doctors, upon my return from Paris it was time to head back to the hospital for more tests for the allergic contact dermatitis problems I’d been having for well over 2 years. It has been pretty heartbreaking to have to shy away from the beauty world that I love over the past few years – but my face was so irritated it was becoming hard to hide with makeup (especially when this only made the irritation worse). All I wanted was to have clear skin and to be able to rock a bright lip on my wedding day. I’m going to write a more detailed post about this very soon, but in short, after 2 and a half weeks of tests, I finally have a diagnosis, and I was indeed able to have bright pink lips on my wedding day (if only for a few hours!) and my skin has got better and better as I have stripped the things I am allergic to out of my life.


Then, in August, it was finally time for the big day. And what can I say about it, apart from it was all worth it? I will remember our happy, sparkly, sunny, colourful day forever.


After the wedding, I felt like I emerged back into the real world – with the house buying, the wedding planning, the huge project I was working on, and the issues with my face, something had to give, and unfortunately it was blogging and vlogging. In September I went along to the first event I’d attended in months – the Style Birmingham Party, and settled into married life before heading off on our honeymoon.


We spent a month travelling around Japan – an adventure that we had both dreamed of for many years. I’m working my way through the hours of vlog footage that I recorded and can’t believe how much we fitted in. One thing’s for sure – I can’t wait to go back to this amazing country.


And then, suddenly, the year was over and it was time for our first Christmas as Mr and Mrs. Looking back, it’s no wonder that the year passed in a blur.

2017 now seems strangely open and unplanned – which is exciting but also seems very odd after a year where so much had been set out. I spent the latter half of last year getting back into vlogging, and now I’m in a routine with that want to devote more time to this blog. As always colour is my focus, but now with a whole flat to make our own, I’ll be moving into home style as well as fashion and beauty. I can’t wait to share this with you all. Also, now I have my allergy diagnosis, I’m looking forward to sharing my sensitive skin journey with you as I discover products that I can use and generally work my way back towards a more colourful face!

Here’s to 2017, wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

  • Toast Rack

    Happy New Year! Congrats on your wedding and your house! Definitely know the feeling with the solicitors woes – the offer we put on our house was accepted in Nov 2015 and we weren’t in until March 2016! And there was no chain. Looking forward to seeing your Japan pics! Hope that 2017 is as good to you as 2016 was! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

    • Emily_Jayne

      Happy new year to you too! Yup – house buying is ridiculous in this country! Lots of Japan stuff up on my Youtube channel now – emilyjayneimage ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yey! What a crazy, exciting year you had. Here’s to an interesting 2017!

    • Emily_Jayne

      Indeed! We are hoping for a slightly more chilled one ๐Ÿ™‚ x