Minerva Gold Collagen Drink: THE RESULTS!

It’s time for the results of my Minerva Gold Collagen drink 30 day trial results!

You can see all the details of this skin supplement drink in my previous post, but in short, after abandoning my skin care routine due to the ravages of allergic contact dermatitis I have been feeling that although I have seen massive improvement from a flare-up point of view, I am definitely seeing my skin condition suffer in terms of radiance, fine lines and pigmentation. The chance to try ‘skincare from the inside’ was pretty exciting, and so I’ve drunk one little bottle of Minerva Gold every day for 30 days.

Here’s my skin before…


And here it is after…


So, what did I think?

After 30 days, my skin feels somehow bouncier, a little more dewy, which I think is genuinely visible. I didn’t notice an immediate difference to fine lines, but this would be a big ask after 30 days. The place where I actually saw the most difference, which I unfortunately didn’t take before photos of, was my fingernails, which went from brittle and flakey to long and strong – this is huge for me, as my nails have always been RUBBISH (apart from, oddly, when I give up dairy, and I just love cheese too much!) I had also had a major hormonal breakout only a few days before the after photo was taken, and my skin seemed to bounce back a lot quicker than it usually would – the red marks from the spots are visible in the photo, but seemed to heal a lot better.

The drink itself is not unpleasant in taste (I found it was a lot better if kept refrigerated) and I really enjoyed how convenient the mini bottles were – they were easy to chuck in my bag when I was away overnight, and I actually kept one in my handbag in case I forgot to drink one in the morning, but this actually never happened as it very quickly became part of my morning routine – I guess because I was going to the fridge every morning for breakfast – this is something I have always struggled with when taking tablet supplements.

I’d be really interested in seeing if the improvement in my skin became more visible with longer use – at £66 per month when buying a 3 month supply (or £35.99 for 10 days) the Gold Collagen drink is not exactly inexpensive, but is no more expensive than some of the serums and moisturisers I used to use prior to my allergy diagnosis. If you’re a fan of high end skin care, then this is definitely something to consider adding to your routine.

Disclosure: PR Sample offered for consideration of review