Reader, I married him

I know, I know, ridiculously cheesy title, but when else am I going to get the chance to use it?

Want to see some wedding photos…?

The weather forecast had been terrible all week – and I tried not to be one of those brides who constantly checked the weather forecast. After all, we’d hired umbrellas, arranged an indoor ceremony and based all our decorations around this rather than gambling on an outdoor one. But nope, I must have been checking that Met Office app on the hour every hour from as soon as we got into the week before.

As we drove down to Cornwall the sea mist seemed to swoop around the car. I smiled at Dan through gritted teeth – both saying how dramatic and awesome the photos would be.

We checked into our lovely little B&B, opened a bottle of champagne and munched on some bread and cheese we’d picked up on the way. And promptly fell asleep. After all, this felt like the first night in at least 18 months that we hadn’t been wedding planning. Also, for the first time in quite a few months, the stress started to fade (and booooooy had there been a lot of stress!) and the excitement really started to come rolling back in.

The day before the wedding passed in a blur of moving boxes and picking things up, and finally a prosecco-and-bbq-foods-fuelled venue decorating session with our nearest and dearest – huge thanks to those who spent a merry couple of hours distributing glittery and rainbow painted jam jars around the fort and its outskirts.

Suddenly, it was time for my matron of honour and I to head back to my grandparents’ flat, where I’ve been staying since I was a baby, where Dan proposed, and to try and get a little sleep. (I think I got about 5 hours – not too bad!)

I needn’t have worried about the weather. Despite the forecast, I woke up to the sun rising in clear skies over the sea. (It was suuuuuper early – this is what happens when there are 7 women needing to get ready!). My mom and my hair and makeup lady arrived, followed by my bridesmaids.

And then this happened…

emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000001 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000002 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000003 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000004 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000005 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000006


emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000029emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000010 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000011 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000012 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000013 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000014 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000015

emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000016 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000017 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000018 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000019 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000020 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000021 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000022 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000023 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000024 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000025 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000027 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000026 emily-jayne-and-dan-wedding00000028

And it was amazing.

Photos by the gorgeous and talented Emma & Pete at Emma Case Photography.

  • fashion-mommy

    Em, your wedding was so beautiful Congrats to you and the very lovely Dan – a match made in

  • Congratulations Emily! You both look incredible and the wedding looked super fun. You can see you put so much into the details. I bet everyone had the BEST time.

  • Toast Rack

    Emily! You look beautiful! I love how bright and colourful your wedding was. Congrats to the both of you 🙂 x