The Colour Edit Autumn/Winter 2015 -2016 – Stormy Weather Blue

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Time for the next post in my Autumn / Winter Colour Edit series! Every 6 months, I explore the colours that the powers that be (Pantone!) predict as the big colour trends for the season, and show you my favourite ways to wear them in the shops right now. We’ve already looked at the most on trend ways to wear GreenOrange, Oak Buff and the colour of the year Marsala this season, and today it’s time for another neutral (don’t worry, I promise that we’ll be back onto accent colours next time!)

Pantone describes this colour as…

Reminiscent of the sky on a gray, overcast day, PANTONE 18-4214 Stormy Weather is dependable, cool and above all, constant. Implying quality and luxury, Stormy Weather is a powerful blue grey shade that is strong, protective and enduring.”

I think I made my feelings on neutrals clear in my post on Oak Buff – in short, not the most exciting colours in your wardrobe, but a necessary building block to make everything else work, and pull those accent colours together (except for Softs, who look completely amazing in head to toe neutrals – if only the rest of us could pull that effortless chic look off with such ease!)

Stormy weather is a great twist on my favourite neutral, navy, for this season. Think of a navy with a touch of charcoal grey added to it, which is a brilliant alternative to black – more interesting, more unexpected, and more flattering on most people! As I mentioned, Softs will look amazing in this colour – feel free to wear it head to toe, or mix it up with other soft neutrals (like Oak Buff) for a chic look. Deeps can team this with other winter jewel colours (It will look amazing with Marsala), whilst it will look amazing with icy blues on Cools for a winter Ice Queen look! Warms and Lights will struggle slightly, for Warms make sure to warm it up (perhaps with Cadmium Orange?) to make sure this colour doesn’t dampen your glow, whilst Lights will need to make sure that the shade isn’t too dark and overwhelming.

Check out some of my Stormy Weather faves from the high street below. Make sure to follow my Pinterest board too which I’ll keep updated as the season goes on!

  • Umber Phoenix

    I love a dark and black wardrobe. Some really pretty bits here.

    Umber x

    • Emily_Jayne

      I think this makes such a lovey way to break up the black in your wardrobe!

  • MyLifeAsAMummy

    Now this is my kind of wardbrobe, I love dark colours! I love the East Pleat Detail Merino Dress! x x x

    • Emily_Jayne

      It is a gorgeous dress!