The Colour Edit Autumn/Winter 2015 -2016 – Oak Buff

Oak Buff the colour edit

Time for the next post in my Autumn / Winter Colour Edit series! Every 6 months, I explore the colours that the powers that be (Pantone!) predict as the big colour trends for the season, and show you my favourite ways to wear them in the shops right now. We’ve already looked at the most on trend ways to wear GreenOrange, and the colour of the year Marsala this season, and today we’re calming things down a little with one of this season’s biggest neutral colours – Oak Buff.

Pantone describes this colour as…

…Just as the sun comes out after stormy weather to bring us cheer and a glimmer of hope, PANTONE 16-1144 Oak Buff is a mellow, comforting and warming shade that brings good feelings. Another one of nature’s illustrious shades, the golden yellow Oak Buff acts to nurture and comfort.”

As I always say to my styling clients when they come in for a colour consultation, neutrals are never going to be the most exciting colours in your palette or wardrobe. They are, however, perhaps the most useful. Neutrals provide the ‘bread and butter’ of your wardrobe – colours that will easily mix with the brighter or more exciting accent colours you choose for that season. They are classic, and generally easy to buy, and this is why they’re a great idea for investment buys like coats or tailoring. (Not that I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy a coat in an accent colour – my favourite one is the pink I bought last year!)

Oak buff is a great, warm neutral, making it a brilliant alternative for those who struggle with black. It does have a yellow undertone, so is better for Warms, or Lights and Softs with warm undertones. Deeps will need to combine it with darker colours (it looks great with Marsala!) and Cools will be better looking at greyer-toned taupes as their version of Oak Buff, as will Clears who are generally better in something a bit cleaner and brighter.

Check out some of my Oak Buff faves from the high street below. Make sure to follow my Pinterest board too which I’ll keep updated as the season goes on!

  • Rhian Westbury

    I love this colour it reminds me when cigarette trousers in these sorts of colours were in fashion years back. Love the River Island trousers so might need to make a trip there x

    • Emily_Jayne

      Yup, it’s definitely a colour that keeps coming back! River Island have some fab stuff in at the moment x

  • Beautyqueenuk

    This is such an amazing colour, i’m just not convinced that I could pull it off x

    • Emily_Jayne

      It is gorgeous, but absolutely not for everyone 🙂

  • This colour looks stunning when all mixed together on that collage. Oooh… pretty…
    but not for me is it?
    Darn it.

    • Emily_Jayne

      Not the best head to toe, no, but if you do a lighter, taupe-ier shade of it mixed with dark tones it’ll work! x