Matthew Curtis Hair Retreat at Hoar Cross Hall Spa Hotel

As a blogger I’m lucky enough to get invited to some fabulous events, but every now and then an invitation lands in my inbox that gets me especially excited, and and email asking me along to the launch of the new Matthew Curtis Hair Retreat at Hoar Cross Hall was definitely one that belonged in this category (I think there may have been an audible ‘squee’).

Hoar Cross Hall is a beautiful spa hotel that I’ve been to a few times now – my mother and I tend to have an annual Summer mini break there to catch up and relax in its gorgeous Staffordshire country house surroundings. I’ve had a few beauty treatments there, from facials to brow reshapes, but never used their hair salon – it was a bit away from the spa itself, and to be honest it had just never crossed my mind!

However, the new Hair Retreat concept sounded great – a holistic approach to hair care from celebrity stylist Matthew Curtis, that could be incorporated within the whole spa experience. I was very excited to give this a try!

matthew curtis hair retreat 4

I rocked up to Hoar Cross Hall on the Thursday afternoon after my first proper week back at work from hols – some relaxation much needed after doing battle with a very full inbox! I was welcomed into the Day Spa (I’ve only been to the residential spa entrance before so this was a lovely new experience!) and popped my belongings into a locker before being taken on a tour (I won’t go into the trouble I caused at this point, but let’s just say I found out that yes, there is a procedure in place for when you forget which locker you’ve put your things in – oops!)

The day spa changing rooms are gorgeous – obviously I couldn’t snap any photos of these, but they’re very luxurious feeling with calm, low lighting to get you in the spa mood right from the beginning of your experience. We were shown all the spa facilities – some, like the huge saltwater pool, and classic hydrotherapy pool I’d seen before, but I was excited to find out about new facilities opening soon. There will be a brand new hydrotherapy centre, and we were given a sneaky peek at the new therapy suites that will be used for a rather special set of treatments – the Time Peace Collection, which I’m hoping will be available in time for my next visit – I’m particularly interested in being made to feel like Cleopatra in the Egyptian Trilogy treatment which flows across three dedicated suites, including one with a very impressive looking bath!matthew curtis hair retreat 9

There was then some relaxation time ahead of going into the Hair Retreat for my treatment – I changed into my bikini and fluffy white spa robe, swam a little, soaked in a spa pool, and then lay on a heated lounger reading and relaxing for a while. Bliss!

When it was time to go for my hair appointment, it was so easy to wander over to the new salon as it’s now right next to all of the spa facilities. There’s a super luxe feel to the white and shining decor, whilst a video screen plays you excerpts from fashion shows where Matthew Curtis has done the styling.


matthew curtis hair retreat 6

A stylist chatted to me about my hair and if I had any concerns. I explained that I’d recently grown out a full hair bleach and returned to highlights / foils, and wanted to make sure that my hair didn’t get back into the damaged state that it had been in previously! She suggested a strengthening & repairing treatment which would make my at-home conditioning more effective in the future, explaining that hair is a bit like a glass of water – if it’s full of cracks you can rehydrate it all you like but all the water will just run out, you have to repair the cracks first!

My hair was washed and the treatment (which smelled amazing) was applied whilst I sat in a rather lovely massage chair, it was then washed out and I was able to select a style from the Blow Dry Cocktail menu – I think this is a fabulous idea for the spa, as when you stay there you have your evening meal in a beautiful ball room, and it would be great to get an amazing blow dry before dinner with your friends and show up looking glam (I think this would work particularly well for girly breaks like hen dos!)matthew curtis hair retreat 3

I asked for the Diamond Rose, but my stylist explained that my cut probably didn’t have the right sort of layers for this – I always appreciate being advised what will and won’t work for me by a hair dresser! So, we went for a cross between the Diamond Rose and the Margarita, with my hair being blow – dried sleek and shiny with some volume, and then flirty curls added through the bottom with a curling iron.

matthew curtis hair retreat 2

The thing that stood out to me was just how soft my hair felt after the treatment – as you can see if you watch my YouTube video above, I couldn’t resist a slo-mo hair swish!

matthew curtis hair retreat 5matthew curtis hair retreatmatthew curtis hair retreat 7

matthew c

We then had a lovely surprise in store – a cocktail making masterclass! I was lead up to one of the newly refurbished areas of the spa, a fabulous new bar and events area, where we were given the ‘cocktail formula’ and taught how to mix a mean cosmo! I could only have a sip of mine as I was driving home, but I think I did a pretty good job, and I’m now the proud owner of a personalised, engraved cocktail shaker so I can try again at home!matthew curtis hair retreat 8All in all it was a lovely afternoon and I can’t wait for my next trip back!

Disclosure – Press trip, treatment & activities received free of charge.


  • Tara FrostedPlanet

    This looks fabulous!!! /i want a blow dry from the cocktail menu!

    • Emily_Jayne

      I want to go back and try other styles! Quite fancy the Espresso Martini!

  • You look so gorgeous and this place looks incredible, definitely a perfect place for a retreat 🙂 x

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    • Emily_Jayne

      Thank you – yes it’s a fabulous place! Can’t wait to get back there!