I Love Scotch. Scotchy Scotch Scotch.

whisky birmingham 2015

Actually, in direct opposition to the Ron Burgundy quote this post takes its title from, it seems I’m not too keen on Scotch.

Last week was a good’un – I was predominantly working from home which allowed me to get lots done in preparation for a a few busy weeks coming up. I even treated to myself to a couple of loungewear-clad days (I really must dedicate a post to the excellence of Primark loungewear very soon!) and a quick mid week burger date at Five Guys with the fiance (he wanted me to take him shopping to buy some work clothes, and as ever I charged a fee for my personal shopping services. Although I’m afraid I don’t offer the option of paying in burgers to the general public, that’s a bonus that only comes with marrying me.) Spring is definitely in the air as far as the fashion world is concerned and the events / work are ramping up as March continues, which is rather fab. Hopefully I should have a couple to announce very soon!

five guys birmingham

The chilled out air continued into the weekend, when BOOM, the sun came out and basically left me feeling like a million dollars. Well, either it was the sun or the whisky! Yup, Saturday was time for Whisky Birmingham, an annual event organised by the fabulous Amy Seton from Birmingham Whisky Club. We tried to be a bit more strategic this year, after last year’s event passed in a slight haze – when you get to try so many different whiskies it’s very easy for them all to blend into one and not really be able to remember your favourites when you get home! (Although the Sauternes aged Arran we bought home last year still remains a firm favourite! So, ever the nerd, I set up an evernote system to track all of our favourites throughout the day, complete with tasting notes and pictures. (The quality of the tasting notes may have degenerated slightly by the end. In fact one just says ‘yum yum yum yum’ which is useful nonetheless, and reminded me of the Anchorman scene quoted in the title, thus giving me giggles.)

whisky birmingham 2015 favourites

And yes, it seems that of my 6 favourites, only 2 actually hale from Scotland. My absolute favourites of the day, in fact, were a Manhattan Rye, which tasted of oranges, pine, and basically Christmas (and apparently is ‘turned’ in the barrels using the power of very loud drum and bass), and a cask strength Bourbon, which the whisky rep seemed slightly nervous of me trying due to its ‘slap you in the face’ qualities, but my oh my it was sweet, creamy and delicious.

We finished the week with a family Sunday Roast, and a quiet evening in with some wedding planning. Can’t believe how quickly this year is going – I’m now totally beginning to believe the people who said ‘2 years may seem like a long time to plan a wedding but it’ll go in a flash!’ – I’m sure we planned on sending our save the dates out in January! Ah well, March isn’t tooooooo much later, right?


  • Ooh scotch. We didn’t make it for the whisky weekend, but maybe next year!

    Ting | The Ting Thing

    • Emily_Jayne

      Ah that would be fab – we’re definitely planning on going again, it makes for a lovely afternoon out!

  • I don’t eat beefburgers but that is one intense, epic looking burger you got there!

  • Luxx Mint

    I’m not a massive whisky fan but I do like the sound of the Manhattan one. Burgers are always a winner though!