Goodbye Cheese, if Only for a Little While…

going dairy free for my skin


So this week started with me saying goodbye to an old friend for a little while – we’ve had some good times, there was that fondue in the Swiss mountain town, the ice creams by the sea side, custard slices with my Nan and sour-cream smothered burritos and cocktails with friends. Yup, I’ve gone dairy free in an attempt to get the craziness of my face under control. It’s probably too soon to tell whether it’s really helping, but I have my suspicions. By the end of the week the small patch of eczema / dermatitis under my eye was much much better, and although the patch under my mouth remained, my lips were in good enough condition on Sunday to wear lipstick for the first time since the beginning of  February. I then thought I’d try a little stilton to see what happened, and my lips were definitely flaky and sore by the end of the day. However I’ve also been going down with a cold, so that could be more the reason. In any case I think the experiment is worth continuing – especially as my referral to a specialist isn’t until the end of June. I’m not sure that dairy is the actual cause (I’ve eaten it without any real problems most of my life after all) if it’s at least an irritant that I can avoid to get things under control a little then I’m willing to give it up for a bit. Even though most of my favourite foods include it. Ack. To cheer me up, Dan made the most immense vegan brownies at the weekend, with soy ice cream and I have to say I really couldn’t tell the difference, they were delicious. I think it’s my beloved cheese that will be my downfall!


bioshock stuck in lift


The week was a busy one in any case, client meetings, an afternoon running a session on social media for creative businesses, catch ups with friends over coffee and lunch, and to be honest it whizzed by in a flash.


stuck in a lift


An event of note, though, had to be getting stuck in a lift on Wednesday. I’m pretty darned claustrophobic, but my laziness generally wins out over my phobia – I think there’s probably some sort of equation you could do for my decision whether to take the lift based on the number of floors involved, how dodgy the lift looks, and how lazy I’m feeling at the time. On Wednesday there were 6 floors, a shiny looking lift, and I was all full of noodles following meeting my MOH for lunch, so into the lift I hopped. We reached my floor and the cheery automated lift lady voice called out ‘doors are opening’, only she was lying. They didn’t open, instead just making an ominous rattling noise. I stabbed at the door open button a little, breaking into a cold sweat. The lift juddered up to the next floor, where all of the lighting on the control panel promptly went out, and once more the doors failed to open. I stabbed a little more frantically at all of the buttons, and when nothing happened went for the alarm. A nice, calm man on the other end of the line assured me that he was sending someone over, without any assurance of how long that would be. In my mild panic, I did what any other good blogger would do. I took a selfie.

Fortunately a security man arrived and spoke to me through the doors not long after to make sure I was OK, and his colleague was able to manually unlock the doors and pry them open so I could get out. I was only actually stuck in there for about 15 minutes, so would like to thank the Security team at Brindley Place for their  quick work!


40oz steak at fiesta del asado

Friday night saw us revisiting Fiesta Del Asado with our MOH and Best Man (who are rather handily married, with myself and the fiance doing MOH and Best Man duties at their wedding 3 years ago, fun fact – we weren’t together when they asked us to do said duties, but we were by the time of the wedding!) The last time we went the other half had been eyeing up the 40oz sharing T-bone, despite very much enjoying the mixed grill,  and so there was absolutely no question what we would be having this time!  I was concerned that it would be far too much, but nope, we packed it away quite happily (There was no doubt that we would eat it, just more of a doubt about what kind of state Dan would be in by the end) It was, by an absolute mile, the best steak I have ever eaten. Both sides were tender and flavourful, and the accompaniments of garlic fries, tomato salad, and malbec sauce (I skipped the bernaise due to the whole non-dairy thing!) were amazing.

Saturday was a quiet one – I knew it was my last one off for a few weeks so had purposely arranged to do nothing except kick back and play video games and cook/eat nice food. Sunday was spent doing the ‘tour of mothers’  – lunch with Dan’s family and tea with mine, and it was fab to see everyone. My mom deserves much credit for being generally awesome, and a massive inspiration and source of support.

clean makeup brushes with lush solid shampoo


Last but not least for this week’s roundup – I had to draw your attention to the top tip I spotted on London Beauty Queen recently. I usually use Clinique brush cleanser to clean my makeup brushes, but everywhere in Birmingham has been out of stock for weeks now, and I really didn’t want to leave deep cleaning them any longer, especially with my skin being a bit fragile at the moment. So, when I spotted her tip to use Lush solid shampoo bars I thought it was worth a go! And hurrah, it works SO well – I just ran my brushes under a hot tap, swirled them over the block and repeated until clean. It even shifted stubborn lipstick, concealer and brow pomade from my brushes – I am seriously impressed. Just make sure you get one that doesn’t have argan oil etc. that could deposit on your brushes.