Friday Five – Spring Collection from Agnes & Norman

I think it’s fantastic that we have such a fabulous locally-based shoe company here in Brum. Agnes & Norman, produce gorgeous, vintage-inspired shoes that I love and are a spin off from the increasingly well-known Rachel Simpson bridal shoe brand. My SPECTACULAR wedding shoes have already been purchased from them, in fact, after a lovely trip to their Kings Norton show room – I think it’s rather special that I’ll have a bit of Birmingham on my feet as I walk down the aisle in Cornwall. (and yes, I have bought my wedding shoes nearly 18 months before the wedding, and way before my dress. Or anything else for that matter. Priorities people, priorities!)

So, it’s no surprise that when their new Spring collection landed in my inbox, there were squees abound. I think my particular favourites are the super cute Penelope, with daisy cut outs and a pretty almond shaped toe. They are also available in pink, but bright fresh lemon is always a go-to Spring colour for me.

Here are 5 of my favourites from the new range. Tempted?

(clockwise from top left) Tiffany /  Bessie / Nancy / Annie
(centre) Penelope