Love and Lemsip

Yup, my dear, sweet colouful readers, the happenings of this past week can be firmly put into two categories. Love, and Lemsip.
On the love front, the week began with Dan & I indulging in a little diamond shopping, and scouring the Jewellery Quarter for an engagement ring. I soon realised that I was after something a little unusual (details to be revealed as soon as I have that sparkler on my finger!) and so will be having something made from scratch – lovely as I know it will be unique and all the more special, but seriously, I CAN NOT WAIT to get it! Also, how much fun is jewellery shopping? At one point in a shop I had about 5 engagement rings stacked on one finger, I seriously doubt that my hand will ever be worth as much again (well, unless I invest in all those Jo Malone products). In case I was ever in any doubt, I have confirmed that I love diamonds. At the point that I tried on the closest I found to ‘my’ ring, I got serious butterflys. From the emotion of the moment I’m sure, but also, SPARKLY.
We then headed over to our best friends’ house for dinner, in order to ask them to be our Best Man and Matron of honour, to which news there was much dancing and drinking of fizz (baring in mind this was the day after the wedding-of-the-almost-free-bar), general loved-upness, and staying up till the early hours when given the month I’ve had so far I reaaaaaaaly should have been taking the opportunity to get some sleep.
Which is when the Lemsip portion of the week hit. Hard, in a head banging, eyes feeling like they were full of sand, throat feeling like sandpaper, generally exhausted fashion. I managed a day in the studio (it’s amazing how completely distracted from feeling rubbish I can be when I’m talking about colour!) and to nip out to see the lovely Rosie to get my nails done in anticipation of being a bridesmaid on Friday, but apart from that I aggressively took to my bed and filled myself with drugs, zinc, echinacia, Berocca, and pretty much anything else I could get my hands on, also in anticipation of being a bridesmaid on Friday.
Fortunately, this attack-stance seemed to work, as by Thursday evening when it was time for the pre-wed sleepover at the Bride’s house I was feeling pretty much recovered, and the week could return safely back into the Love category again, with just the most beautiful wedding. I’ve known this lady since year 3 at school, and it was just so special to be a part of her day.
Additionally, I’m not sure what has happened to my fiance, but the many, many weddings of August seem to have worked some sort of magic on him, as he has gone from the most reticent dancer in the world (seriously, we used to have an agreement that I would get one dance, of my choosing. I always chose Carly Rae Jepson, Call Me Maybe), to spending the night dragging me up on to the dancefloor. I’m just hoping this new attitude (and aptitude!) lasts until our wedding next year!