How to Wear Colour: Finding Your Pallet – Cool

I’m passionate about helping women to wear more colour – my personal styling business where I help women with colours analysis is the whole reason this blog started in the first place! The right colours make you look and feel your very best. They change the compliments you receive from “ooh that’s a lovely dress!” to “ooh you look lovely!”. Even better, once you have your colour pallet sorted all of the colours in it mix and match, making your wardrobe situation more of a rainbow of joy rather than an ‘urgh, I’ve got nothing to wear’ situation. So, I thought I’d start a short series on how to get some colour into your life!

Sound good? Well, the first thing you’ll have to work out is what colour pallet suits you best. It’s all about dressing to reflect your own colouring, and this week we’re looking at the Cool  Colour Pallet…



Take a look at yourself in the mirror (go on!), and ask the following questions…
  • Is your hair silver, grey, ash blonde or otherwise ashy in tone?
  • Is your skin tone highlighted with pink tones or have a tendency to look grey?
If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are most likely a cool. Take a quick look at my Pinterest board of cools, and see if you think you fit in with these lovely ladies just to double check…

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With the icy colouring of a cool you look best in blue-toned colours. You absolutely can wear black, but avoid it head to toe, and try experimenting with charcoal as a slightly less harsh alternative neutral. Your best pinks are hot pink and fuschia, as well as powder pinks. Avoid salmon pinks and corals, as well as yellow which will cast an unflattering ‘sallow’ light up over your face, and can sometimes make your otherwise clear complexion look a little muddy. Greens need to be blue greens, mints and teals rather than lime, and red will look fantastic as long as it is blue toned, anything watermelon or orangey will be difficult to wear successfully. The cool pallet is a strong one, so try combining the brights with neutral greys for a stunning effect!
Not you? Check out the LightDeep and Warm pallets, or come back next week to find out if you are a Clear!