I’m passionate about helping women to wear more colour – my personal styling business where I help women with colours analysis is the whole reason this blog started in the first place! The right colours make you look and feel your very best. They change the compliments you receive from “ooh that’s a lovely dress!” to “ooh you look lovely!”. Even better, once you have your colour pallet sorted all of the colours in it mix and match, making your wardrobe situation more of a rainbow of joy rather than an ‘urgh, I’ve got nothing to wear’ situation. So, I thought I’d start a short series on how to get some colour into your life!

Sound good? Well, the first thing you’ll have to work out is what colour palette suits you best. It’s all about dressing to reflect your own colouring, and this week we’re looking at the final palette, the Soft Colour Palette…

Take a look at yourself in the mirror (go on!), and ask the following questions…
  • Is your hair somewhere between mid to light brown and dark to mid blonde (perhaps with highlights?)
  • Are your eyebrows and eyelashes fairly strong in colour, perhaps naturally a shade darker than your hair?
  • Are your eyes a soft chocolate brown, light brown or a soft blue or green that perhaps has a mix of colours in them? (Sometimes soft eyes will look different colours in different lights or dependent on what you are wearing!)
  • Is your skin tone quite close to your hair colour?
If the answer to most of these questions is yes, then you are most likely a soft. Take a quick look at my Pinterest board of cools, and see if you think you fit in with these lovely ladies just to double check…

As someone with soft colouring you have an overall muted or soft/blended look with the colour of your eyes, skin and hair working in harmony with little contrast between them. Softs don’t tend to look terrible in any colour, its more that they can easily get ‘lost’ if they wear too bright or vivid shades. (Softs tend to find that they get a lot of compliments like ‘oh that shirt is amazing’ or ‘I love your dress’ rather than ‘you look fantastic today’ or ‘you look amazing in that dress’) Softs need to stick to a more muted palette of colours – some find it helps to imagine that the contrast knob has been turned down slightly on the tv! When wearing soft plums and burgandy reds instead of ruby or scarlet, or a soft teal or duck egg blue rather than royal blue or a bright aqua, they really come to life – hair looks glossy, eyes sparkle and the woman comes forward rather than the clothes. The ‘Super Power’ of the soft is that they look absolutely amazing in layered neutrals – they take on a chic and sophisticated air on them. Think of layering different shades of grey, taupe and stone for a soft, gorgeous look that others simply wouldn’t be able to pull off!

Not you? Check out the LightDeep, WarmCool and Clear pallets. Still don’t think you’ve ‘found yourself’? Don’t panic! Next week I’ll be talking about tricky folks like you!